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This will be the start of a thread collecting and presenting art from and about #rojava

#Art, has the power to reflect, transform and to make struggles visable

We can join in by giving visability to the #artists

1 song is about
#women taking lead in the social revolution in #rojava - learnd that they have to fight their struggle

Dear Viyan (feat. Viyan Peyman & Dilar Dirik)

"To paraphrase Saidiya Hartman 'A black revolution would make everyone freer than they really want to be.' A Marxist revolution blows the lid of economic relations. A feminist revolution blows the lid off patriarchal relations. A black revolution blows the lid off the unconscious and relations writ large." on KPFA

Technology fostering greater accountability but also aiding repression & surveillance

The 5-year programme found the role played by tech in improving accountability & government responsiveness, & strengthening citizen empowerment, has been very mixed.

(AP) "Reports: Changes needed to parole and probation system in US and NY"

State and city officials have said they want to reduce the prison population, and Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio has plans to close Rikers Island. But those efforts are being undermined by the parole system, said Gabriel Sayegh, a prison reform advocate and co-director of the Katal Center for Health, Equity and Justice.

"You can’t fix the problems technology has created for us by throwing more tech solutions at it. You need forces outside the domain of software and servers to break up cartels with this much power.
But the thing about the master’s house, in this analogy, is that it’s a duplex. The upper floor has indeed been built with tools that cannot be used to dismantle it. But the open protocols beneath them still have the potential to build something better." This NYT article on is pretty good!

Apropos of nothing, I just found out Beck put out an album last year and I am listening now and it is JAMMIN!

"Oftentimes interfaith organizing is more about leveraging the power different institutions people belong to rather than doing the deep spiritual transformation work." Perry Dougherty of Still Harbor discussing spiritual direction on the excellent Rising: for podcast

“Presidential election campaign started with the #Afrin invasion"

#HDP Foreign Relations Officer Hişyar Özsoy spoke in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) and called the attack against #Afrin an “invasion attempt” and a “part of the presidential campaign”.


I hadn't realized Tim Berners-Lee's mom was also a computer scientist. Thank you internet! 😂 RIP Mary Lee Berners-Lee

(via @aljazeera ) "Why Some African Americans Are Moving to Africa"
"You might not have electricity, but you won't get killed by the police either."

New York cops furious that the union has reduced the number of "get out of jail free" cards they can give to their pals #courtesycards #corruption #patronage #newyork #police #Post #nypd #nyc #pba

''It is #Afrin that has been a beacon of stability in Syria over the course of the war, not only taking in tens of thousands of #refugees from elsewhere in the country, but establishing the principles of #directdemocracy, women’s #liberation and ecology in the midst of an otherwise catastrophic and tumultuous period. It is precisely this model of a socialistic, multi-ethnic, feminist canton...that Erdogan’s #AKP government sees as ‘terrorism’. The irony could not be more obvious

#Rojava #turkey

some backround informations about the ungoing crisis at #rojava, #iraq #Syria #turkey made by unicornriot (media outlet with anarchist perspectives) on October 30, 2017...but still very relevant.

read here:

New blogpost:

"I’ll be honest: I don’t love my job and I don’t think I’ve ever truly loved any job I’ve ever had since I began my working life in earnest....a job I love is not the goal, being able to put time and money and resources into things I want to see flourish is. I don't do what I love, I fund what I love"

Paper Programs

a browser-based system for running Javascript programs on pieces of paper.

#resources #mixedmedia

How many times can you mutter "come on, [hallowed institution], you're better than this" before facing the fact that empirically, they clearly aren't

Susan Kare, graphic designer who created many familiar icons & fonts for Apple, NeXT, Microsoft, and IBM.

Her creations include most of the iconography and fonts which shipped with the original Macintosh, and many icons which persisted in Windows from version 3 until XP.

#SusanKare #iconic #womenintech #design #designers #graphicdesign #Macintosh #NeXT #Windows #vintagecomputers #vintagecomputing

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