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Goal until Jan 1 of 2019 : get comfy enough with Golang. Contribute to LN development.

No backsies for me

Goal until Jan 1 of 2019 : get comfy enough with Golang. Contribute to LN development.

No backsies for me

I'm all for supporting Bitcoin and hodling but there are lots of question marks with Bitcoin (mainly miner centralization).

While I am hopeful these problems can be solved I would advise everyone to "don't trust, verify"

I kinda know c++. I think I'm well qualified to be a Bitcoin ABC dev

This gift certificate is literally money backed by Hyundai. It has all the anti counterfeiting methods such as watermark, microprinting, serial numbers, security thread, etc.

I believe humans have an innate desire to want to create money from nothing. We can see the examples of this in this gift certificate and all the icos that are started today. Welcome to , humanity. We circle back to the gold standard and take away the power to create value out of thin air.

I appreciate the integrity the core devs have in not doing an ico.

I probably would have caved in to all that easy but dirty money.

2/2 So my suggestion is that we try to lower the barrier to entry. How do we do this? Well make it easier for the people to absorb information.

Documentation NEEDS to be better. Remember that Matt Corallo had to reverse engineer Stratum because it was so poorly documented? That is unacceptable.

So starting from the beginning. Ever since and all, needs to be documented and categorized.

Anyone want to start doing this with me?

1/2 Don't you guys think there is a massive barrier to entrance in Bitcoin development?

Besides the qualifications required, if anyone wants to contribute, they have to go through 7 years of uncategorized mailing lists.

If they mention something they thought of but wasn't aware that the same thought was buried under the mailing list they immediately get chided.

Unless someone was here from the beginning, it is really hard to contribute. This also results in centralization of devs.


You leaving Twitter has made me consider Mastodon.

Lets see how this experiment goes.

Methinks Mastodon Web UI leaves a lot to be desired.

I like the 500 character limit though. Maybe we could have better conversations here


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