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<Vyr> i'm here!
<Vyr> i'm queer!
** Vyr quit (connection reset by peer)
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♲ It's ridiculous how many exchanges go like -

Marginalized group: "We face this problem more than the privileged group."

Privileged group: "You must be lying or mistaken, because we've never experienced that."

Marginalized group: "That's...that's the ENTIRE FUCKING POINT."

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shower thought: the employment market is designed to induce anxiety in job seekers so that they settle for less.

If job seekers were more confident in themselves and not rushing to get the first avaliable position there would be a lot more pressure on businesses to create more sustainable roles.

we should really start practicing vocalizing out experiences in the job market if nothing else so that we can take care of each other when we are feeling anxious and panicked.

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"A Google employee spoke with the Bay Area Reporter on the condition of anonymity about the current mood among LGBTQ Googlers, saying by phone that, "I'm really worried that they [company leadership] don't know how unsustainable this is. They want to have it both ways: to monetize the engagement that comes from really odious content, but to bear no responsibility for it. And all of us queers who work here see how they're getting away with making money off people who hate us while doing nothing to stop them. Meanwhile, most queer creators' channels are demonetized or marked 'adult' because they use words like 'trans.' Google has no right to be at Pride. They're just capitalists. They don't care."
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Me, to our immigration person: "I need to apply for an India visa."

Immigration person: "Ok, you'll be getting an email from our lawyers soon."

A few days later, a super suspicious email from a service I've never heard of: "Please click this link and sign up for this thing you've never heard of and whose name doesn't have anything to with attorneys or immigration!"

And we wonder why phishing is so effective.

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doc: anything new or exciting?
me: new yes exciting no
doc: anything we can do to help?
me: destroy capitalism
me: bury the kyriarchy
me: resurrect my friends they murdered
me: unionize
doc: well we’re of one mind there but all i can really do today is give you hormones
me: yeah that’s fine

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Some wasps have built a nest right next to my front door and on the one hand I’m terrified of wasps but on the other hand who needs a guard dog when you have guard wasps

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Theo shares my opinion about process supervisors 😂

“It is such an amazing business-friendly but risk-ignorant pattern to simply restart software that has failed.

It's like you keep flying a plane that falls out of the sky twice, rather than cease operation, figure out what is wrong, and fix it before continuing.”

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still glad that i have this in my motd on all my servers

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yeah... look i just can't come in today.. I'm super sorry but im completely pinned down. yeah thanks.

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Fediverse: enjoyed four conversations already today
:birdsite:​ : blocked two users already today

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@Gargron Read this as "house."

Yeah it sucks. When it respawns all your stuff is gone. But at least it's clean for once.

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"This is 100% real maple syrup. That means there is no imaginary component."

"Does this mean we don't get any of the complex flavors of the syrup?"

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Odd... now my server is working from the wan, and when I access it via it's lan address, but if I try to access it via my domain (thus my wan address) while on the lan, the same problem as last night occurs... Maybe an issue with the routing table on the router? I'll have to check that when I get home from work.

Well, this is frustrating. I finally moved my private cloud server from my mother's place to my own. I got everything set up, all the configs adjusted, etc. But my server isn't even receiving packets. I can ping out from it, and get them responses back, but trying to connect to the cloud server just times out. Same with pinging the server from the wan.

I've double checked every option on the router and modem, to no avail. I'll have to call the ISP tomorrow, I guess.

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