I'm at the window, waiting for a package. I looked outside and noticed this little critter chilling in the tree, watching me. Something else must have caught its attention while I was getting out my phone; it was looking right at me before.

Holy shivering balls, it's cold out! -25°C, with a winter storm warning; including language about severe wind chills, frostbite, icy roads, hypothermia, etc.

Got out for a walk at a local park today. It was beautiful, but holy crap was it cold! I had to turn around after only 5 minutes because I was starting to get the early warnings of frostbite.

Well, this sucks. I just dropped my razor in the sink. I'm going to have to get a new one now. I knew when I bought this it was just a cheap piece of crap from china, but I expected it to at least last me a couple of years. Thirty bucks, busted on a sink, literally. 🤦‍♂️

I just rescued this poor soul from my mom. I'm reading up on how to care for an aloe plant. But I'm not sure where to start with reviving it. Any tips?


This video demonstrates one of the big reasons I hate the English language, then takes to solving it; at least, partially. His phonetically consistent English sounds so absurd, yet pleasant to listen to. Lol

What If English Were Phonetically Consistent?



An interesting read, but I'm not convinced. Assuming we do miss, and hit the hypothetical planet; these craft are moving so fast, that like a hypersonic bullet into water, they might be obliterated upon contact with the atmosphere. And these won't even have the advantages of being aerodynamically shaped or massive like a bullet.

*sigh* @banjofox@dev.glitch.social just made me explain a joke. It wasn't even a good one. Such disappoint.

I finally got the surgery on my other hand done. Can't wait till it starts feeling normal-ish again too.


I must have been distracted during this scene the first time I watched Chobits. I can't believe I didn't notice it before otherwise.

YAY! I'm home!

I just got back from my uncle's place 2.5 hours from me. When my grandmother died, he got her air conditioner. Problem was, it doesn't work with the wiring in his house. Turns out, it's the right kind of wiring for my apartment, though.

He gave me the AC, all I had to do was go up and get it. 5 hours later, I'm home, it's installed, and it works!

Just took my keyboard and gave it a thorough cleaning. Feels SO much better to type on now. It was starting to feel a little crunchy. 😅

Anyone have any ideas on how I might be able to remove these spanner nuts without a spanner wrench?


The wound from the Carpal Tunnel Release is healing up nicely. Still haven't yet gotten full feeling back in those fingers, though. But, that can take a while, as the nerve is still healing from all the irritation it suffered from the CTS and the surgery.

On another note, the wound looks like I should be able to shoot something out of it... Spider webs perhaps? Or maybe whatever it is that comes out of Scorpion's hand?


So, I just woke up, and found my hand no longer bandaged... I must have removed it in my sleep. Lol. Not really surprised, since my stitches kept feeling like they were getting caught in the cotton batting all day yesterday; that was causing a rather painful burning sensation.

(Image of surgery site)

The sanitizer they used (Iodine, I think?) has left my arm an odd, fake-tan-orange color. But... I'm not Trump! 😆 And my finger nails look like I've been pigging out on cheetos for like a month straight.

I can't wait until saturday night, when I can take the bandage off and scrub at least most of my arm to try and get that stuff off. Until then, I need to keep the bandage clean and dry.

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