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I don’t know who needs to hear this but early transition trans people are beautiful too

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wait wait wait... are we an undeveloping country? :flan_think:

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I just heard my new favorite palindrome:

"Do geese see God?" :goose_caesar:

@kurtm this is one of the main reasons I gave up on software development. The only truly safe way (legally) to write software is to write it all yourself; no libraries, no third-party anything, and then to never share it.

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Kudos on surviving today, you beautiful whatever you are. Many kudos to you

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“When [tech innovations] are designed around monetizing flaws or gaps in existing economic, social, or political systems, rather than doing the mundane, plodding work of caring for and fixing the systems we all rely on, we end up with more problems”

@andrhia or because the would-be artist is too exhausted from working just so they can eat.

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Some days it kills me, all of the amazing art that never gets made because of money

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I skipped using a semicolon when I needed one eight times today


because I'm saving them all for code 😤

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The mindstate recorder let you relive a captured feeling for a couple of minutes.
The marketing hinted heavily at sexual climaxes, without saying so explicitly.
Market research revealed the most common names used for recordings were:
"Inbox zero"
"Application approved"

@haitch @mozilla any recommendations for a new browser and email client?

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So apparently Mozilla let go 250 employees including the threat management team.
To make it even worse they announce this in a blog post full of corporate doublespeak.

Also Mitchel baker has a salary of 2.5$ Mil which apparently couldn't be lowered so they at least wouldn't have had to let got the *threat management team*.


I'm at the window, waiting for a package. I looked outside and noticed this little critter chilling in the tree, watching me. Something else must have caught its attention while I was getting out my phone; it was looking right at me before.

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So I upgrade Firefox and I get a “Curated by Pocket” section in my previously-blank new tab view that also has sponsored content in it.

I cannot stress this enough:

Fuck you, @mozilla
And fuck you, Pocket.

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“Defaults don’t matter, you can just change them.”

Really? Why do you think Google gives Mozilla HALF A BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR to be the DEFAULT search engine on Firefox if defaults don’t matter? Or give Apple £1.2 BILLION for the same in the UK alone?

Think about it.

Are they idiots?

Or are you?

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Our CEO just referred to SaaS as "Software as a hostage" and I think that's pretty spot on.

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