Question to math geeks. I need a method of finding rational right triangle side lengths for a given integer triangle area.

Note: not every integer area is possible.

Any hints?


@xpil When there is a solution with rational lengths you can scale it up to a solution with integer lengths. These three numbers a,b,c are Pythagorean triplets which can be found with several methods:

The scaled² up area is another boundary condition for a and b.

For your problem you have to go this way backwards 😃

(I hope there is no mistake in my thoughts.)

I think you're on the right track with this one. I have some reasoning now using that: 

@kdkeller @xpil Say we are looking for a triangle T area A and rational sides x,y,z
Let there be a Pythagorean Triple a,b,c and their triangle have area Δ

T exists if such a triple exists that
x=as, y=bs, z=cs

Where s (scale) must contain the LCM of a,b,c as a factor.

This is still quite new to me, so I can't be too sure about my reasoning. I don't know either if cases outside this can or can't exist.

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