Reading this makes me wonder if wearing surgical masks (possibly with sunglasses) might be a good line of defense against facial recognition (and surveillance in general). Wearing a ski mask in non-sub-zero weather makes you look like a bank robber, but a surgical mask can be explained away by saying that you're a germaphobe, or that you just felt a little gross that morning and don't want to get anyone else sick.

Well-chosen cosmetics could throw most computer vision systems.

@PeteBleackley True, but that requires substantially more work than putting on a mask, and won't work forever (nor will it be as good at stopping humans from remembering your face).

It would, however, be easier to create a CV system that can spot when somebody is wearing a mask and flag them for surveillance than one that's robust against adversarial cosmetics.

@PeteBleackley True, if you're the only one wearing a mask. If it were as common in Europe/US as in some Asian countries, though, that wouldn't do them much good.

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