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@tan Isn't that traditionally referred to as a TARDIS?

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@PeteBleackley For the last few days, my brain has been trying to come up with re-writes of the Iolanthe Act I finale that explain what's going on :(.

@irina What is the significance of these? The internet turns up a bunch of results about a WolrdCon where the "program participant" ribbons were green.

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@Shamar @lunaterra Computer literacy should be taught, but not in terms of how to use Microsoft products. It should be taught like mathematics and children should understand the basics of how the internet works. Things like what is a protocol and what are the main protocols. How to make the simplest web page. How to write a hello world program or a very simple game. What is the difference between fixed storage and ram? What is the von Neumann architecture and a Turing machine. Things like that.

Like learning maths, not every child will go on to be a mathematician or programmer, but having the background knowledge gives the potential to make better decisions and be less susceptible to fallacies and marketing scams as an adult.

@PeteBleackley True, if you're the only one wearing a mask. If it were as common in Europe/US as in some Asian countries, though, that wouldn't do them much good.

@PeteBleackley True, but that requires substantially more work than putting on a mask, and won't work forever (nor will it be as good at stopping humans from remembering your face).

@rejcx Brain trying yet again: she's pretty <Arabic for "heritage">

Reading this makes me wonder if wearing surgical masks (possibly with sunglasses) might be a good line of defense against facial recognition (and surveillance in general). Wearing a ski mask in non-sub-zero weather makes you look like a bank robber, but a surgical mask can be explained away by saying that you're a germaphobe, or that you just felt a little gross that morning and don't want to get anyone else sick.


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@Gargron You should have separate names for the managing followers and managing people you follow versions, and they should not appear *too* unified to the user (especially if you ever hope to allow this UI to be used to manage visibility/permissions of posts — Google+ did that and it was IMO a huge mistake on their part).

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Folks who've been through the process: how long does it usually take for a website listed on one's profile to show as verified? Is there anything special I need to do other than including a link in the prescribed format somewhere on the page?

@edheil Mi diris:

"Kiu parolas la klingonan ĉi tie?

Estas parolantoj de Esperanto. Estas parolantoj de la angla (= lingvo de la federacio). Mi rifuzas kredi ke ne estas parolantoj de la klingona."

@edheil La klingona traduko ne estas bona. Ĉu vi uzas Bing?

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