@else That's interesting, since seeing bathrooms labeled as "just stalls" and "stalls and urinals" makes me skeptical that they're actually supposed to be gender-neutral. Those labels make me wonder whether they're just trying to pay lip service to gender neutrality, while still expecting people to interpret "just stalls" as meaning "women only" and "stalls and urinals" as "men only".

@else These are the norm in Europe (or at least in Finland), and I've heard many Europeans express surprise when they visit the US and encounter the stalls with huge gaps that you can see through.

@rejcx@mastodon.at Oh that's already been negated. That's what I didn't catch then. I though you were just re-phrasing the first one.

@rejcx@mastodon.at should the first ∃ not be negated? Or am I missing something/miss-reading the logic?

@edheil Where does RMS imply that the woman in question was actually willing? I read the text attributed to him as implying that she *faked* willingness due to abuse/threats from Epstein.

These are details that matter.

@rejcx@mastodon.at People have insulted me for a number of things at various points in my life, and it didn't make me any less of those things (in fact, it likely reinforced some of them). I don't think this will help, and it stands a high chance of hurting sensitive people who think you're also targeting them (or just can't tolerate insults, period, regardless of who they're directed at).

Hate thrives on conflict; getting rid of it unfortunately requires gently taking it apart bit by painstaking bit.

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If a cat walks on the keyboard in a way that launches a virus, is that a script kitty?

@irina to the extent that you're comfortable sharing that info, would you be able to give a rough estimate of getting to and from Dublin this way cost?

@azure@pleroma.site Do you have anything publicly available?

I guess the one caveat that's shaped my own musings on this matter (which you may well already be taking into account) is that it's much less trivial to make a graphical system multimodal, so accessibility for i.e. people without access to vision would have to be designed in, rather than being something you could almost-trivially bolt on top the way you could put a text-to-speech system on top of a traditional CLI interface.

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The terminal is *better than the GUI* for a lot of things, but that certainly doesn't necessarily make it *good*, at least in its today incarnation.

The things I would never want to lose are the ability to have my primary UI be based on a programming language (not just a list of invariant options) and function without having to use a mouse or touchscreen more than occasionally. Though the latter is more about ergonomics than anything.

So I'd like to get a houseplant or two, and want to optimize for something that's easy to care for (and that ideally can be left for multiple weeks without watering), as well as being good at fixing carbon. What are some suggestions?

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edgy leftists forget that if the only thing the revolution brings is an edge, then it's going to cut a lot of marginalized people when it gets here. and probably not the ones they think it will.

@azure@pleroma.site TIL that "salient" has nothing to do with salt, which is what I always assumed the "sal" referred to.

@jeroenpraat Do you only want people actually living in Scotland responding to this, or everyone?

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Thinking about it, I won't be surprised if we eventually used a corn-based polymer in our money. At least then it'd be literally a cash crop.

swearing at r/conlangs 

@Shutsumon apologies if you've already gotten this suggestion from 100 different people already, but I'd recommend you re-post your question on the CONLANG mailing list (listserv.brown.edu/archives/co). I can't promise you'll get an answer, but they at least don't moderate away messages or users without a darn good reason.

@vortaro En kiu signifo de tiu (angla) vorto? Laŭ mia kompreno de la du lingvoj ĉi tio malĝustas.

@hntooter This is surprisingly hard, which means it's probably a good way to learn stuff even for relatively experienced users.

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