The #SessionMessenger fork of #Signal uses the #LokiNet mixing network.
While a mixing network built on a blockchain that uses a capitalist game-theoretic Sybil protection scheme and its own coin for premium features should be a red flag by itself, this project seems to be deeply involved with the #AltRight and chan culture:
According to the successor of 8chan has been announced and is run on LokiNet as well.
So stay the fuck away from it.
/via @txt_file


@schmittlauch @txt_file The Loki network is an open network, Lokinet supports 8Kun as much as Tor supports 8Kun. You cannot control who uses Lokinet or Tor, otherwise they would be able to censor hidden services. Lokinet is not related to 8Kun in any way, its just that 8Kun decided to use Lokinet like they decided to use Tor aswell

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@keejef okay. Is the accusation correct that the main developers of LLARP are an active part of the chan-community?

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