‪some youtuber did a promo for a streaming platform talking about a documentary they have about squirrels and I’m like SQUIRREL DOCUMENTARY IM SOLD but then it took me a week and four more promos to remember to check it out because squirrel ‬

pay no attention to the alienated labor behind the curtain, these popcorn bowls are magic, I assure you

oh sure they’re saying well you’re allowed to use it this way now

some dude got a credit card for “Michael Jackson” as part of an elaborate prank once

MC never cared in the first place

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MasterCard’s “new policy” isn’t

you’ve been able to order additional credit cards in any random name forever, though it was technically to add additional authorized users

nobody calls max stirner the beavis of egoism because egoism is already the beavis

so now that Smash has another major Rare franchise can we get Joanna Dark next

for all I rag on Nextdoor for good reason I keep an account because stuff happens like somebody posted this photo from their backyard and I learned there are foxes in this neighborhood

*dragging a character away from an impassioned aside* hey, you okay? everything diegetic?

Reminder that Uber and Lyft drivers are on strike today. Don’t cross picket lines!

current status: berating myself to “get it together” and responding emphatically “I refuse!”

I have discovered the most obnoxious shipping status in existence

nerd level: using a headlamp to illuminate a work area visible with a hand mirror, because raytracing works both ways

GRS recovery shitpost 

got a set of inserters today

they come in standard, filter, fast, and stack

shitpost proposal 

‪The Dialectics of Worship Music: Praise songs and the decline of the church organ ‬

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