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I continue to be impressed by the innovation in the @ModdableTech@twitter.com JavaScript engine.

The article suggests it might be good to standardise Object.deepFreeze(). twitter.com/phoddie/status/109

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All of GitHub's menus & dialogs work without JavaScript. The brilliant @muanchiou@twitter.com figured out that `<details>` elements could make popover menus work without JS github.com/muan/details-on-det! We've got open source helpers too: github.com/github/details-menu github.com/github/details-dial

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Jacob Rees-Mogg has a message for the Common People 🧐 🎩

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Homebrew 2.0.0 has been released (at @FOSDEM@twitter.com!) with official Linux and Windows 10 WSL support, `brew cleanup` running automatically (opt-out with `HOMEBREW_NO_INSTALL_CLEANUP`), no more options in Homebrew/core and no longer running on OS X 10.8 and older: brew.sh/2019/02/02/homebrew-2.

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Curious how @github@twitter.com's hotkeys work? We open sourced the component so you can use it too! github.com/github/hotkey

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From January 13-19 2019, @polyfillio@twitter.com served 1.67 billion requests. 99.994% of which were served from @Fastly@twitter.com's cache. Here is a post on how we achieved this high level of caching -- jakechampion.name/improving-th

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A GitHub ship that nobody has likely noticed was that we now serve native `class FooElement extends HTMLElement` and `async..await` JavaScript syntax to all browsers. No more need for most Babel transforms that we've relied on up until today!

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New year, new upgrades.

Introducing unlimited free private repositories, and a new unified Enterprise product.

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As the year end approaches I feel obliged to point out that Brexit is not great.
Don't just take my word for it. We are better in EU than out. I introduce Theresa May who will seek to convince you.

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To people suggest writing down passwords on paper is less secure, I posit to you that it’s really just changing the 1FA from “something you know” to “something you have”.

So yeah, telling people to write on paper is fine. Not optimal, but fine.

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I literally tell most of my relatives to write their passwords down in a little notebook.

We tech people always think that “more tech” is the solution to all problems.

We have to smart, pragmatic AND compassionate. Know your threat models.

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Introducing Chai-Exec, a ChaiJS plugin for testing your CLIs - whether they're written in or not!



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TFW when the source code on @ABCDesignated@twitter.com looks familiar. I see you @githubprimer@twitter.com…

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TFW when the source code on @ABCDesignated@twitter.com looks familiar. I see you @githubprimer@twitter.com…

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Today is the birthday of the late great Grace Hopper, pioneer of computer code.

Also the birthday of me, pioneer of smoking cigars while buried neck deep on a beach in Barcelona

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We (some of us right here in this video!) make Firefox to serve you, not a bottom line. More power to you.

Get Firefox today: mzl.la/2QCu5YZ

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That’s V8 on edge confirmed. Thought they might keep Chakra
RT @bterlson@twitter.com Today's Edge announcements tl;dr

* Edge moving to Chromium (Blink+v8) for compat reasons. Still called Edge.
* Will be OSS. Will contribute code upstream.
* ChakraCore development continues for various non-Edge uses.
* No change to standards work - still pushing the web forward!

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