I’ve been driving EVs for a few years now. Peoples first question is always about range anxiety; which I find hilarious because as a seasoned EV driver, to me range anxiety is a phenomenon for petrol car owners.

When I had a petrol car, and a job with a 100 mile commute, my fuel tank would last about 3 days. On the third day I’d get the yellow warning light on the way to work and think “shit I’m have to pull into the service station, fuel up and pay, it’s gonna make me late for work”


With my EV, it goes in my driveway and gets plugged in. I know it’ll be fully charged in the morning and I’ll drive off with a full tank. It takes maybe 20s a day to plug it in, vs 15 mins at the petrol pump every 3 days. I used to dread refuelling my petrol car.

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The last time I visited a public charging station in my EV was April, and it was mostly for the novelty of it. I’ve used public chargers maybe 6 or 7 times since becoming an EV owner.

@keithamus I'm mad jealous. I only learned to drive last year and my province yanked their subsidy on EVs right before I got my license 😭

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