...but “next” will have to be after my vacation to Scotland 😎

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Well, I got my notes on my site automatically sending webmentions and syndicating to Twitter. Really want to get them federating here, too. I'll have to tackle that next

There's something really wonderful about sitting around in a bit of a daze after a good run, still in your running gear, sipping on ice cold water

New post on omnibear.com: Getting started with Micropub.

If you want to make short posts on your blog (“notes”), this is a great way to do it


I realized I didn’t have links to some of my various side projects all in one place on my site. So here they are.


Also: when you're on stage talking about a dozen things that are all called “indie-something” or “micro-something”, it's remarkable easy to misspeak.

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Just getting into the indieweb or want to know how to setup webmentions? Check out my talk The Decentralized Social Web: recallact.com/presentation/dec

Slides at keithjgrant.com/talks/decentra

Run: complete
Coffee: in progress
New back deck: in progress

TIL: if you're sending a request using `fetch()` it does not send cookies by default UNLESS you're coding a browser extension.

Both FF & Chrome extensive will send the cookies anyway unless you specify `credentials: 'omit'` because 🤨

Is there a good instance for webdev/frontend people? If kind of like to switch off the big crowded mastodon.social

Well, I was hoping to get bookmarking support added to Omnibear. Instead, I just got all the dependencies upgraded. Some were two major versions behind 😲

How to fix a dragging animation with math: uxdesign.cc/how-to-fix-draggin
Dragging interactions feel off if you don't get the motion right. Math can help!

The buzzwords of the week seem to be "federated" and "decentralized". I'm glad that tens of thousands of people are being introduced to these concepts this week, but they're definitely not new, and they're far from perfected.

If we want openness, federation, identity, flexibility, and control why not just have our own website?

Excerpt from boffosocko.com/2017/04/05/mast

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