Is there a good instance for webdev/frontend people? If kind of like to switch off the big crowded

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@davatron5000 @keithjgrant I‘m still hesitant to switch instances because it‘s a pain to lose all the followers. But this also makes me feel locked in...

@martinwolf @davatron5000 @keithjgrant I think you can migrate your current account to a new one. Should be possible to keep followers then?

@oliverbrux @martinwolf @davatron5000 @keithjgrant it isn't. But it's a feature that might happen at some point in the future.

@keithjgrant I haven't seen a centralised instance, yet. People are either on .social or all over the place.

@keithjgrant have a look at, it launched a few days ago. Admin is @akmur

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