Well, I got my notes on my site automatically sending webmentions and syndicating to Twitter. Really want to get them federating here, too. I'll have to tackle that next

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...but “next” will have to be after my vacation to Scotland 😎

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@hankchizljaw thanks! I'm hoping to do a write-up of everything. The tool I wrote to send webmentions should work for other static sites as well

@keithjgrant You have my attention. Anything to replace the spaghetti that I made...

@hankchizljaw here's what I got:

Theoretically, you should be able to clone & deploy to Heroku. Set the config vars and add a github webhook pointing at it. Documentation is nil at this point though

@hankchizljaw Oh, big caveat: right now it assumes your site use microformats 2.

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