@Annalee Seriously. I love designing and building websites. But when I need a site for some other side project? Just give me some pre-built theme off the shelf

@hankchizljaw Oh, big caveat: right now it assumes your site use microformats 2.

@hankchizljaw here's what I got: github.com/keithjgrant/github-

Theoretically, you should be able to clone & deploy to Heroku. Set the config vars and add a github webhook pointing at it. Documentation is nil at this point though

@hankchizljaw thanks! I'm hoping to do a write-up of everything. The tool I wrote to send webmentions should work for other static sites as well

...but “next” will have to be after my vacation to Scotland 😎

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Well, I got my notes on my site automatically sending webmentions and syndicating to Twitter. Really want to get them federating here, too. I'll have to tackle that next

There's something really wonderful about sitting around in a bit of a daze after a good run, still in your running gear, sipping on ice cold water

New post on omnibear.com: Getting started with Micropub.

If you want to make short posts on your blog (“notes”), this is a great way to do it


@hankchizljaw What was the tool you were using for that? I was cleaning up & organizing my feed subscriptions today and couldn't find it

I realized I didn’t have links to some of my various side projects all in one place on my site. So here they are.


@hankchizljaw I have bit of disdain for Safari between a) the long delay getting new features supported on iOS and b) their refusal to support WebExtensions

@hankchizljaw Dooooo it!

I toggle back and forth a little for dev work, but FF is my primary for normal browsing

@hankchizljaw do you mean migrating past email? I never did anything with that.

I took it as a chance for a clean break. I try to never give my new address to any companies/mailing lists. Just sent a big update to friends & set up an auto-reply responder to go to contacts only.

Gmail does have good forwarding settings if you want that, though. I've used that in the past

@hankchizljaw I switched to ProtoMail about a year ago and have been happy with that.

The web interface isn't as feature-full as Gmail, but it does everything it needs to

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