@TheAdmin ...so you couldn't muster a simple 500 character announcement here?

@superroach @TheAdmin lmao, i know, right...? 😂

why only a link to some japanese blog site?

@RaccoonWillie @superroach @TheAdmin there is a link in English, below the Japanese one. But I still don't understand what they were trying to say 😂 It's an announcement for mastodon. cloud users but still I don't know what should I expect after their 'operation'. More anime? Lmao

@kejt @RaccoonWillie @superroach
They're just saying that operation of mastodon.cloud will change from ze French 🇫🇷 monsieur to the Japanese 🇯🇵 kibou-san.

As far as users are concerned, nothing changes. :awesome:

(I asked @TheAdmin earlier today.)


@evelynyap @RaccoonWillie @superroach @TheAdmin aaaaa... ok.... well we were confused for a moment.
I even felt guilty for no reason and had a vision that FOR SURE they'll kick me out of mastodon.cloud , but that's just me ROTFL 😅 Thanks for your support!

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