I'll have to double check that all the images are not being compressed on Twitter side.

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I think I might buy a Raspberry Pi and have a Bitcoin node running full time rather than syncing when I need to on my main computer. Any recommendations?

@jackal Yeah, a good investor is someone who invests in something because they see what others miss. At the moment you invest you have made the decision that the asset is undervalued, so any crash in the market need not bother you. 👍

Is it wrong for me to enjoy this crash because I like seeing altcoins burn? 🔥

Does Mastodon have an Activity tab? I want to see what everyone else is talking about.

@Gargron can we have a verified logo similar to what reddit uses so you can easily see OP's replies are not from a spammer pretending to be them?

@kelbie has created a github to help fight against Mastodon imposters.


This is a pretty solid use case for a keybase.io proof for Mastodon as well.


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