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samurai jack season 1 episode 2 is so good wtf

black lives fucking matter... you fool. you absolute buffoon. YOU IDIOT.


it makes me sound like a geek or an expert, you decide

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making way too much pasta. anyone want some?

2020 is the year i learned that jason alexander is actually straight. also that viruses are crazy. don’t worry tho i’ve always known about the white devil this just reinforced further re-education

taking a break from on-line to stretch and pet my cat

most of the time i feel like healthy community cannot be built on the internet but then i think of all of you all and how we’ve established a shared tone of...nihilistic...knzk bofa

bought some postcard stamps after i learned about the existence of postcard stamps. now i just gotta make more friends!

white guilt is good actually and it helps you start the process of unlearning the BS everyone told you was okay growing up

i started to hate/resent the journal i was using because the paper quality was crap so i decorated this muji notebook and feel much better lol

ah yes, small business i follow on instagram has decided to post the bold message "lots of feels and opinions are being set" in regards to the current situation

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