The power just turned off for 30 seconds. Reeeeeally hoping that doesn’t forbode the entire Texas state grid about to have a heart attack this week.

And that’s two weeks in Europe. First time I’ve been out of the country since 2017. First time I’ve been out of the country and not working every day since effectively ever.

So, yeah, I've needed time the past couple of days to think about my future while I'm still disconnected from work because I'm sure I'm about to go back to a month of fire-fighting.

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3) I have been spending a lot of the time this trip thinking about what is next for me. I've spoken to colleagues about my desire to check out different cities to decide where I want to live for the next five years. At the start of this process, living internationally was a tiny, remote possibility, but it has been growing in my mind.

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Nevertheless, the buildings lining the boulevard might as well be pitch black. I am not in an isolated area. I am standing directly in between the Paris Opera House and the Louvre.
I had thought the City of Lights would be easier to photograph. My next visit I will have a better idea of what to expect and plan my shoots accordingly.

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2) I'm finding Paris a difficult city to photograph as a city and not as s series of landmarks. As an example, see attached photo. The brightest thing by far in the frame is the opera house, which is maybe a 20 minute walk from me as I took this photo. The street is lined with very bright streetlights. Plenty of storefronts are lit, as well as advertisements.

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I'm spending a lot of my time in Paris leaving my camera gear in my room. A few reasons for this, in increasing order of importance.
1) 2+ weeks of travelling to five different cities have accumulated wear and tear on my feet and carrying around 50lbs of gear, or even a non-trivial portion of it, will make things work.

Waiting on a test to see if I’ll be allowed to come back to the US or be forced (quelle horreur!) to stay in Paris.

Had lunch from one of a couple dozen food stalls in what I’m certain must be a converted and covered alleyway called Passage Choiseul.

1am blueberry tart with vanilla ice cream to cap off a long day

Follow up on Amsterdam vs Zurich:

In comparison to those two cities’ philosophies on transportation, in Paris: drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians are participating in a citywide bloodsport whose goal is to kill as many other people as possible on the way to your destination.

Taking the train to Paris this morning. For my time in France, I’m going to do my best to get as far as I can in every conversation using just French.

Finally the low lying clouds (I guess technically the clouds are where they should be, I’m the one who is at the wrong altitude) are cutting off direct sunlight, which would help show texture.
I don’t know if this is something I need to fix in editing process or mountain photography is just a separate skill I need more practice at.

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Photography here is difficult. The scale of everything is off. Tiny buildings next to impossibly huge mountains. I can’t decide on compositions.
Also, it’s hard to avoid everything looking flat. 90% of the rock face is covered by trees which obscure the shape of the landscape.

I am very quickly getting used to sleeping with the windows open in 50℉ weather. I don’t even need the heavy coat I packed. The light jacket is almost too much.

I am going to broil to death when forced to return to Texas.

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