A big storm rolled in and I realized the thunder doesn’t make me anxious anymore!
For 35ish years I was terrified of the lights going out when I’m in a strange place but I guess my brain has embraced phone flashlights and let that shit gooooo 😂😂😂

@kelliebob super loud thunder turns me into a Labrador Retriever. A very brave one. But still.

@kelliebob I used to be afraid of mountains. Like on the horizon. They seemed so large and intimidating and idk threatening. I still kinda think they're gonna kaiju out and attach the cities some day.

@Jewbacchus Huh. I’m gonna be so mad at you if my brain gloms on to that now.

@kelliebob lol if it's any consolation in 30 years I've only seen a mountain move once and it didn't attack anyone.

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