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If anyone can help me out with a couple bucks so I can get food I would greatly appreciate it, I officially no longer have any food to eat. My cabinets are empty, I don't even have any more top ramen or even any money to purchase a single pack of top ramen. Even if you can only spare $3 or $5 it will help. $3 can get me 4 packs of top ramen, $5 can get me a carton of eggs and some green onions to add to the ramen. Boosting helps too <3




hey new users, my name is rhys but i also go by bug
im an artist, u can see my work on @scoots

i like video games esp jrpgs and mmos
i collect pens and ink
i have a cat named pacha and a hamster named pea
i live in texas but am a hard left progressive
i'm trans and gay and an enby
my pronouns are they/them

i like science, particularly entomology and marine biology

unless it turns out to be a terrible place (doubtful) im migrating over to @ratbaby

.social is great but its just getting so large. its kind of overwhelming for me as a person who overstresses/has anxiety.

porn on the local timeline we must have new users 👌🏽

the other day at target i saw a big bodybuilder man with the deepest voice i've ever heard on a real human being and he was carrying around a GIGANTIC EASTER DUCKIE PLUSH

lmao when merlin is supposed to be dead for a second but you can CLEARLY SEE HIM BREATHING

abscess ment Show more

my ringworm has come back with a revengeance. incredibly minor but i was hoping i got rid of it completely.

Last day to buy this killer Cyberpunk / Hacker themed Tarot Deck by @PixelOccult off of Kickstarter!



hi sorry this is now a rhys livetoots merlin account because im by myself and lonely

i really hate the transitional sword clang sound

the editing in this show is

woof, i dont remember it being like this when i watched a few episodes back in the day.

Love the stock go to shot they've used 4 times of Merlin's eye glowing

i may or may not be binging through two seasons of Merlin just so i can see Percival's biceps in Season 3

On the first ep, and this is..............really campy. Not sure if a good thing or not quite yet.

Nothing against Richard Wilson, but Gaius' hair makes him look like a Souls character from a Monster Factory and oH MY LORD THE GREENSCREENING IS VERY QUESTIONABLE

im starting to feel like everyone i know either identifies with rabbits or cats

thats not a bad thing, mind you, just something i notice

there's something so unsettling about unconvincing old age makeup