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Roll20app is inclusive, said friend is a POC enby so I highly encourage that POC and/or trans people check out that listing and see if you might have the experience/skillset for applying to the positions :) Friend really wants a bunch of queer POC to apply.

Roll20app, a company a good friend of mine works at, is hiring!

They are looking for:
Brand Manager
Canvas / WebGL Developer
Scrum Master/Project Manager

Remote positions, full-time, with benefits. Familiarity with Roll20 preferred.

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RT @hokutonolucas:
"Nintendo: here’s a weird thing for kids we’re trying

Adults: what the fuck is this i’m angry"

thankfully my voluptuous baby ass protected me from my fall lmao

I fell outside but I didn't hurt myself don't tell andy

I'm gonna throw myself in the pool and hope it freezes over *weep*

I accidentally walked in on fiance's work meeting oops xD I'm such an embarrassment.

as inconvenient as it is to not have quote tooting I'm glad we don't because Twitter proves people with status cannot handle that responsibility.

when u have to explain how white ppl naming a mexican character "Tostada" is actually really racist

"that's like saying men shouldn't write things about women"