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The #280 is of extremely common discussion on Twitter, so it'll be interesting to see how it plays out having 500 on this thing.

👽✨pobody snerfect ✨👽 @kellycrow

@coryw the funny thing? aside from large influxes of young people, folk here don't really make much ado about 500.

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@kellycrow It's an interesting difference. The 280 was a bit of a change on twitter, and for as hilarious as this sounds I already feel myself becoming wordier there.

@coryw same? I mean it really helps with the "blah blah blah 1/2" tweets where 2/2 is like, two words out of 140 cause you couldn't fit JUST TWO WORDS in the first tweet

@kellycrow I have still been trying to maintain brevity, which, I had to work at anyway, so it's not a very huge difference.