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10 points to past me for not writing the script on these thumbnails in hopes that i would have come up with a good witty dialogue to accompany these funny faces.

Rei almost looks concerned for Hammer in this update but really, he just can't afford to lose his first and only line of defense.

♛ Read it now at:

It's probably only 11am in this comic and Rei is already Done with the day

♛ Read his adventure now at:

inking with this brush has been really smooth though, like it took me half a page of smooth sailing before i noticed something was wrong.

maybe i should just.... switch brushes..... and no one will notice.....

/closes eyes i just finished inking half a page with the completely wrong brush

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"Dragon Musketeer"

Second portfolio piece! ✨
I think I'm finally getting my art style to a place I'm comfortable with. Pretty happy with how this one came out! 🐉

hitting that final2_FINAL.psd stage of a project and it's as sweet as it is frustrating

i wonder if it's worth it to destroy my carefully crafted new sleep schedule to stay up to 2am to watch the nintendo conference . . .

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hmm, blood dripping off swords never lead to good moments... (unless, you know, you’re into that sort of thing).

new page! ★ ★ updates Mondays, rated T+!

I don't draw for two (2) days and my hand-eye coordination all but falls apart the absolute audacity

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just realized i never posted this one here for some reason, so here it goes:

this is Hermes, he can shoot a giant ouroboros made of sand out of his half-hourglass 👀 ✨ 🐉

June sketchbook is out now for patrons! A lot of good stuff in here - I was excited to put it together :3

✨Check it out!✨

every few months i pull up the golden ratio and try to understand how to apply it to art, and every few months i silently close my canvas knowing less than i did when i started

Hammer tries to expand Rei's vocabulary and gives up almost immediately.

♛ Read it now:

the pokemon conference can be summarised by me sighing deeply and reinstalling pokemon go