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JJBA from the years... my art used to be very neutral in color but it's gotten bright haha #art #fanart #jjba

script: a big hall of painted portraits

me, the artist, who also absolutely did this to myself:

Today Katharine G presents us with the final, adventurous piece of guest art for Vainglorious! Climb mountains with Rei, Hammer, and Von!

♛ Celebrate 1 year of Vainglorious!

Between adventures, breaks are much needed! Join the Vainglorious cast at a campsite drawn by Max Peters!

♛ See the illustration now!

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We're in the final week of guest art (also known as, the week of Von). @radogasy joins us today to celebrate our new friend!

♛ See the illustration now!

Grab your textbooks and strap down for a comprehensive lesson on How To Human, presented by Hammer in partnership with Orlando Correa!

♛ Join the class now!

You and Hammer can power through this week with the help of Karen Wang!

♛ See her full illustration here:

Hey! Hey! It's Rei! If you haven't had your daily dose of cute yet, not to worry! Today's guest art by Gisele Weaver is sure to bring you joy!

♛ Check it out now at:

short? but STILL FILLED WITH LOVE Show more

Take a moment and sit back as Heather Penn reveals to us the dragons of the canyons.

♛ See the full illustration here:

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