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Hammer puts his best skill to use and shows Rei how to properly run away in today's Vainglorious update!

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Rei and Hammer just caught the interest of an entire room of bounty hunters.

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There's awkward silences, and then there's These silences.

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Read today’s Vainglorious update where Hammer tries to be diplomatic and Rei ignores him

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🐝 Vainglorious is now on Hiveworks! 🐝

Follow the adventures of the small dragon Rei as he finds himself cursed and thrown into a much bigger world than anticipated!

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Read today's Vainglorious update and catch the tail-end of a story I don't plan on ever expanding on.

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Morning rises on a busy trading town, and both Hammer and Rei are ready to tackle a new day!

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Was this last scene simply an elaborate scheme to draw Rei bundled up in ridiculously comfy quilts? That, I can neither confirm nor deny.

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The sooner Hammer gives up the sooner he will know peace

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in between making comics and con prep i want to improve at painting as well. so here's a warmup.