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June sketchbook is out now for patrons! A lot of good stuff in here - I was excited to put it together :3

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Hammer tries to expand Rei's vocabulary and gives up almost immediately.

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Chapter 4 has begun!! Rei and Hammer stop to catch their breath so they can start blaming each other for everything.

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Chapter 3 of Vainglorious has just wrapped up! It's the perfect time to catch up and share the comic with a friend!

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The free sketchbook and $3+ May sketchbook are both now available for download on Patreon:

It's only Day 2 and we're almost halfway through the first goal! Thank you!!


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I'm another step closer to achieving my dreams and giving you all comics full-time!!!

Equal parts nervous and excited but I'll be launching my Patreon later this week!! Keep an eye out for more announcements about it!

In the meantime, below is a preview of the wallpaper that will be available as part of the free samples for everyone!

also please take a look at how this scene would play out in a modern AU

it's not a complete Vainglorious chapter unless there's some form of panicked yelling along the way

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Hammer puts his best skill to use and shows Rei how to properly run away in today's Vainglorious update!

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Rei and Hammer just caught the interest of an entire room of bounty hunters.

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