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ok nvm i worked like 2.5 hours straight after that so it's evened out.


... damn kelly take regular breaks

i just cut out 20 minutes of footage of me quickly doodling a side comic and then idly rereading some vainglorious gag strips i've drawn in the past. like. yay i'm glad i still find my work amusing/interesting enough to spend so much time looking through them, but Damn Kelly, Focus.

hm boy. editing videos sure does eat up time doesn't it

probably would help if i worked more consistently and didn't accidentally record massive chunks of time where i either do nothing, or doodle something completely unrelated to what i should be recording/working on

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I try to avoid talkin’ about patreon here, but we are eight bucks away from breaking ONE HUNDRED $$ on IC's patreon! (how even)


It's an A+ time to check the sucker out as I just posted the April-choose-your-doodle poll to boot~ more worldbuilding? more character sheets? more fanservice? up to you!

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m a y b e don’t deliberately annoy the eldritch horror, Diane.

new page! ★ ★ updates Mondays, rated T+!

Hammer puts his best skill to use and shows Rei how to properly run away in today's Vainglorious update!

♛ Read it now at!

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it's a rainy day today and i feel so alive!!!!!!

always get a second pair of eyes on the wips you're stuck on it saves so much time i'm saved rn

Rei and Hammer just caught the interest of an entire room of bounty hunters.

♛ Read it now at!

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there has to be a word for those specific 10 seconds when you realise an artist you like follows you back and you're mentally running through all your posts from the last 3.5 years

There's awkward silences, and then there's These silences.

♛ Read today's update at:

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AGENTS OF THE REALM IS 4!!! YEARS!!! OLD!!! So I gotta do a celebratory pic for it!!!