Made some cool posts this month about Making Vainglorious and its concept art!

✨ You can check out both posts here on my Patreon!

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One thing I love about Vainglorious (a good webcomic with good art by @kellysketches) is that all of the non-human characters are very very excitable all the time and it is adorable.

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.。*゚+.*.。 ~two page day~ ゚+..。*゚+

[ click here for the first: … ]
★ updates Mondays, rated T+!

⚠️ cw for guns, intense drama ⚠️

✨ The promised promo post!✨

I've made an uploaded two new wallpapers for patrons yesterday! Hammer needs a break from all the chaos in the comic so far, so he gets to chill in these illustrations

You can find and download the wallpapers here:

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#inktober #inktober2018 | 01
time for sequential illustrations because I have no self control

I'm working on these a little ahead of time for my own sanity, you can check out the next couple days early on my ko-fi and patreon:

#art #mastoart #creativetoots

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In case you hadn't seen it, our anthology is now LIVE on Kickstarter :] One of the most fulfilling projects I've gotten to work on, so glad it's off and running!

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Did a Hellboy-esque take on an IC panel for fun and ... this isn't a bad style, hah.

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hey woah hey, I'm trying out Patreon and Ko-Fi Gold!! All of my finished work is going to stay public, but if you support me on Ko-fi/Patreon you'll get to see full WIP previews and early access to stuff I'm working on! 😘

Rei encounters a hurdle in attaining local leadership while Hammer has some of his foundational cores shaken.

♛ Read today's update now at!

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