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this sounds low key like an existential crisis but really my library books are due tomorrow and i haven't finished reading them all

the year's progressing too fast it's already end of february please slow down i am but 1 mortal

@rosjackson I do plan on eventually running a kickstarter to get volumes of Vainglorious printed, yes! I can't say when exactly, but at least after there are enough pages!

time to go for a walk! and then work!! which is art and comics!!! i love life!!!!!!!

my parents: how about we see black panther today??? :DDD
me, side-eyeing the booked out theatres:

i consistently overestimate how much stamina i have when it comes to drawing - despite it being my favourite thing to do. i was feeling exhausted after what i imagined was hours upon hours of work, and apparently i only logged 4 hours in CSP orz

The first page of Chapter 3 is up! It's time for Rei to start reviewing his day.

♛ Read it now at:

✨ Regular updates are back Mondays and Thursdays! ✨

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[comic thread] happy valentines day! 💝 i made a comic for Power & Magic Press a few years ago and now it's free to read! it's about baking and crushes!

you can get a copy of the anthology at ! i also uploaded a pdf + concept art for $2+ at !

#art #mastoart #creativetoots #illustration #comics #comic #lgbt #wlw

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i barely even eat chocolates bc lactose but it's the PRINCIPLE

wait -- i went out today and FORGOT TO GET HALF PRICE CHOCOLATES

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