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and when I'm sad, I draw ☀️ URARAKA☀️ UWAAAAH!!

🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉

ah, is the new steven out

ok im logging off twitter until i catch up. i'll still be on masto tho, i trust u all 👌

Chapter 3 of Vainglorious has just wrapped up! It's the perfect time to catch up and share the comic with a friend!

♛ Read now:

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feeling burnt out so you get the ol’ standby.

(bonus points to whoever actually knows where he's from. :P )

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The free sketchbook and $3+ May sketchbook are both now available for download on Patreon:

It's only Day 2 and we're almost halfway through the first goal! Thank you!!

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someone on discord was complaining about muscly women characters so i doodled this out of spite lmao


✨Check it out here✨

I'm another step closer to achieving my dreams and giving you all comics full-time!!!

Equal parts nervous and excited but I'll be launching my Patreon later this week!! Keep an eye out for more announcements about it!

In the meantime, below is a preview of the wallpaper that will be available as part of the free samples for everyone!

*claps hands together* come on brain time to WORK

came back to a 90gb render of a 40 minute video i left going on overnight and i now realise i know nothing about video file formats

also please take a look at how this scene would play out in a modern AU

it's not a complete Vainglorious chapter unless there's some form of panicked yelling along the way

♛ Read today's update now at!

ok nvm i worked like 2.5 hours straight after that so it's evened out.


... damn kelly take regular breaks

i just cut out 20 minutes of footage of me quickly doodling a side comic and then idly rereading some vainglorious gag strips i've drawn in the past. like. yay i'm glad i still find my work amusing/interesting enough to spend so much time looking through them, but Damn Kelly, Focus.

hm boy. editing videos sure does eat up time doesn't it

probably would help if i worked more consistently and didn't accidentally record massive chunks of time where i either do nothing, or doodle something completely unrelated to what i should be recording/working on