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Cleaned up some sketches for my folio and these two came out rly well! They're so pretty!!

Hello! Today I'm excited to share our very first piece of guest art: a fun, perfectly in-character illustration by Lauren Myers!

♛ Check it out now at

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The Heartwood Anthology kickstarter is live!! I'm so proud to be a part of it, check it out if you like some good good fantasy comics ✨

#art #mastoart #creativetoots #comics #fantasy #kickstarter

And that's a wrap for Chapter 4! Stick around for the round of guest art starting next Monday!

♛ Read today's update at:

I just spelled buildings as "beauldings" as in "beautiful" and it's only 8pm............

service provider: YOU'VE MAXED YOUR DATA !!!!!
me, using my phone as a hotspot for multiple devices in my internet free home, scrolling through my social media at the speed of light: I CAN'T HEAR YOU !!!!!

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ON KO-FI: (Libertus Rubedo) Entry 3 Title Image

Early Preview of the title image for Entry 3 of Libertus Rubedo. Entry 3 to be released mid-July.



"why does it take me so long to draw 1 page?" i ask as i consistently give myself 10 panel pages with crowd scenes and detailed backgrounds.

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