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Today Katharine G presents us with the final, adventurous piece of guest art for Vainglorious! Climb mountains with Rei, Hammer, and Von!

♛ Celebrate 1 year of Vainglorious!

Between adventures, breaks are much needed! Join the Vainglorious cast at a campsite drawn by Max Peters!

♛ See the illustration now!

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We're in the final week of guest art (also known as, the week of Von). @radogasy joins us today to celebrate our new friend!

♛ See the illustration now!

Grab your textbooks and strap down for a comprehensive lesson on How To Human, presented by Hammer in partnership with Orlando Correa!

♛ Join the class now!

Hey! Hey! It's Rei! If you haven't had your daily dose of cute yet, not to worry! Today's guest art by Gisele Weaver is sure to bring you joy!

♛ Check it out now at:

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Take a moment and sit back as Heather Penn reveals to us the dragons of the canyons.

♛ See the full illustration here:

Whether as a human or a dragon, @reimenayee shows us that Rei will never waste a chance to pester Hammer.

♛ See the full illustration here!

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The Heartwood Anthology is 80% funded with 19 days to go!!! here's a preview of my story, "In the Branches, In the Soil", check out the kickstarter and help us get to 100%! 🌿

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Dragon!Rei introduces Hammer to the world of flying in today's guest art by Delaney Januzzi!

♛ Come see the full piece now at:

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Cleaned up some sketches for my folio and these two came out rly well! They're so pretty!!

Hello! Today I'm excited to share our very first piece of guest art: a fun, perfectly in-character illustration by Lauren Myers!

♛ Check it out now at

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The Heartwood Anthology kickstarter is live!! I'm so proud to be a part of it, check it out if you like some good good fantasy comics ✨

#art #mastoart #creativetoots #comics #fantasy #kickstarter

And that's a wrap for Chapter 4! Stick around for the round of guest art starting next Monday!

♛ Read today's update at:

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