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grimacing as i type the first draft for vg's next chapter,,,, my first drafts are always so embarrassingly awkward

dying to get time to watch crybaby it looks so good im in love with the art

every time i go to message any friends from japan i have to set aside an entire hour to write up things bc 1) it's still an unfamiliar language to me but mostly 2) i genuinely need a lot of time to think about conversation topics and responses to questions. i'm not a fast conversationalist orz

in related news artists who don't scale down their work and when you click to full view their work it's like 100000px wide are the surprise gifts that keep on giving

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Finally, a list of all of the contributors to my all ages mixed-race comics anthology!

I'm so excited to be working with these artists, some of whom scare me with their skills and accomplishments and some of whom are just getting their comics off the ground and who I know are going to do amazing. All the stories are so different and creative and A+, I can't wait to show more...

that's one thing i really want to learn, how to develop a solid and unique aesthetic for a series

i'm losing my mind over the new spiderman trailer i love love love it when something has such a solid aesthetic. i can't wait until christmas next year but at the same time i need the wait bc if i see any more new content of this movie im going to cry

death stranding is beautiful and i hope i never fully understand what it's about

we bought some new ice cube trays that make ice cubes that are too big to bite down on and if i can't break them into shards with my teeth then what's the point

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