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my parents: how about we see black panther today??? :DDD
me, side-eyeing the booked out theatres:

i consistently overestimate how much stamina i have when it comes to drawing - despite it being my favourite thing to do. i was feeling exhausted after what i imagined was hours upon hours of work, and apparently i only logged 4 hours in CSP orz

The first page of Chapter 3 is up! It's time for Rei to start reviewing his day.

♛ Read it now at:

✨ Regular updates are back Mondays and Thursdays! ✨

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[comic thread] happy valentines day! 💝 i made a comic for Power & Magic Press a few years ago and now it's free to read! it's about baking and crushes!

you can get a copy of the anthology at ! i also uploaded a pdf + concept art for $2+ at !

#art #mastoart #creativetoots #illustration #comics #comic #lgbt #wlw

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i barely even eat chocolates bc lactose but it's the PRINCIPLE

wait -- i went out today and FORGOT TO GET HALF PRICE CHOCOLATES

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so it's visible women day on birdsite today. in other words, the literal best day ever

i'm at the point in thumbnailing comics where i'm questioning my life choices and wondering what is it that makes me add in so. many. crowd scenes. what drives me? what compels me to fit 40+ people into a single page???? how far into inking this scene will i need to take a 5 month break and travel the world in search of enlightenment???????

drafting an email to commission an artist for the first time ever and i'm hoping i've written all the info they need to know, and hope it comes across well!!

crossing my fingers hoping the aud inches closer to matching the usd so i can buy some games on steammm

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me: ok let's work hard on thumbnailing today and then after i'll let myself play some monster hun-
*remembers i don't own monhun world*
me, softly: what the fuck
*remembers i don't even own a ps4*
me, softly but w tears: what the /fuck/

The official Vainglorious twitter reached 100 followers over the weekend! I celebrated this first milestone with a small comic, which I thought I'd share here too! ✨ 🐉 💖

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