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Someone's alive! (barely.)

new page! ★ ★ updates Mondays, rated T+

i normally script 6-7 panel pages and i'm staring at my script that calls for 11 panels in one page and sweating profusely

me: I should restrain myself and be professional when writing the creator's comments under each page of my webcomic.
also me: ok everyone so boys on a road trip is coming out on steam should i buy y/n

in between making comics and con prep i want to improve at painting as well. so here's a warmup.

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me looking at pics of everyone's eccc displays like 💖 👌 💖 ✨ 💖 😭 💖

this sounds low key like an existential crisis but really my library books are due tomorrow and i haven't finished reading them all

the year's progressing too fast it's already end of february please slow down i am but 1 mortal

time to go for a walk! and then work!! which is art and comics!!! i love life!!!!!!!

my parents: how about we see black panther today??? :DDD
me, side-eyeing the booked out theatres:

i consistently overestimate how much stamina i have when it comes to drawing - despite it being my favourite thing to do. i was feeling exhausted after what i imagined was hours upon hours of work, and apparently i only logged 4 hours in CSP orz

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