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i somehow always manage to trick myself into drawing crowdscenes

a/c and heaters will not work... i need..... the climate's mood........

so turns out i work best in temperatures from 10-20 degrees Celcius but will get v lazy once temperatures approach 30 degrees and above.

i know this bc i was super productive in yesterday's 13 degree chill and i just bolted awake from an accidental nap in today's 30 degree warmth

writing to people in a foreign language is all fun and games until they're online at the same time as you and watching how slowly you're writing out bare-bones sentences to them

me: lets playlists run wild and rarely checks the title of the current song
friend: oh you like that band too!! which song's your favourite?

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More examples of my B&W style commission, which is really growing on me ✌️

Morning rises on a busy trading town, and both Hammer and Rei are ready to tackle a new day!

♛ Catch today's Vainglorious update at:

if you ever need an insight into my colouring process, it's just me alone in a room, desperately sliding the hue saturation bar left and right while crying

the only thing stopping me from napping under my desk right this instant is that everyone can see but god i want to

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Hello Mastodon! I'm a Canadian cartoonist who is very into sci-fi, aliens, and bright colours!

Check out my original work (and if you're into Star Wars But Gay, check out my fancomics) ✌🏾 ✨ 💖

Was this last scene simply an elaborate scheme to draw Rei bundled up in ridiculously comfy quilts? That, I can neither confirm nor deny.

♛ Read today's update at:

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the current birdsite drama Show more

the current birdsite drama Show more

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