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Hammer puts his best skill to use and shows Rei how to properly run away in today's Vainglorious update!

♛ Read it now at!

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it's a rainy day today and i feel so alive!!!!!!

always get a second pair of eyes on the wips you're stuck on it saves so much time i'm saved rn

Rei and Hammer just caught the interest of an entire room of bounty hunters.

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there has to be a word for those specific 10 seconds when you realise an artist you like follows you back and you're mentally running through all your posts from the last 3.5 years

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AGENTS OF THE REALM IS 4!!! YEARS!!! OLD!!! So I gotta do a celebratory pic for it!!!

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me: writes 2014 on a document
me: haha silly me it's 2017
me: wait

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Read today’s Vainglorious update where Hammer tries to be diplomatic and Rei ignores him

♛ Find it here!


i have forgotten how to colour.

thank you.

i forgot march had 31 days and suddenly i have an extra day on my calendar and im more excited than i should be tbh

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My butt has been getting kicked all month by school.............

Here's some previews for a secret comic project.

#mastoart #comic #creativetoots

🐝 Vainglorious is now on Hiveworks! 🐝

Follow the adventures of the small dragon Rei as he finds himself cursed and thrown into a much bigger world than anticipated!

♛ Read now at:

Read today's Vainglorious update and catch the tail-end of a story I don't plan on ever expanding on.

♛ Check it out here:

"why is this page taking forever??"
*also draws 20 heads in a panel*

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