i love that the athletic published my pretty aggressively pro-lgbt piece and then went and hired homophobe and probably racist dale murphy today lmfao

annnnnd editing was not so painful after all. time to go see Hollywood and deGrom 😍😍😍

anyway writing for a new outlet is terrifying but hey the first sentence in the email from my editor being “you are a very good writer” sure feels nice. gimme that sweet sweet validation to enjoy for five minutes before the imposter syndrome returns.

@kellywallace context: he liked a tweet saying Rizz was a “for the camera” guy and not genuine w fans bc he doesn’t ever stop and sign in response to a tweet praising willson for spending time w fans

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Actually my favorite thing is Willson liking shady tweets about other Cubs lmfao I love one man

wasn’t Corbin Burnes one of the pieces Milwaukee refused to part with for literally anything actually valuable at the deadline? lmaooooo

@TheHerosJourney in hindsight it feels like a steep price (including cease felt like too much, imo) but at the time, i don't think it was a bad deal, pitching is expensive, and i doubt theo spends that much time regretting anything bc he has other shit to do.

you should honestly be banned from ever watching baseball again if you type that take and mean it

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bird site is bad because i just read a genuine take that the cubs should resign murphy instead of going after harper LMFAO WHAT

lindsey adler going to bat for daniel murphy is lame as fuck

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Remember that mr. Mime is the biological father of Ash Ketchum

it me, extremely jacked william contreras gal. he!!! is!!! extremely!!! good!!!

the braves would probably want the stars and moon for him and they probably should and i can't see them giving him up but who cares about logic and reason bring him to me.

william contreras is a cute lil precious angel and he must be protected but also traded to the cubs

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i mean the game was fine, it's not like it isn't fun to go see the cubs, but it's weird also and i can't believe that old ass man stole a base just to fuckin spite me making fun of his stupid knees all night.

welp i wrote a thing for the athletic, now let's hope they actually publish it and pay me. that would be good.

minus westboro baptist broken knees, the lineup is quite good

ok i'm deleting the thing i just said in case it falls through but if u saw it just know i'm stoked

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