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Kelson Vibber

Groot reminds us: #NetNeutrality is critical to internet freedom & we should call Congress TODAY.

The FCC votes Thurs. to kill the only thing keeping your cable/phone co. from blocking competition, burying news they don't like, & shaking down startups.

Unless you trust your cable co. to have your interests at heart, go to & remind the FCC they work for you, not Verizon/Comcast.

Amazing what Groot can fit into 3 words, isn't it? #iamgroot #photo

It turns out I've been driving around with a giant cardboard Minecraft spider in the back of the car all week. Yes, including the day I went to Downtown LA for jury duty.

Don't you love when you start a long process on a computer, then come back hours later & find it's still waiting for you to type Y or click OK?

Has anyone calculated just how much paint it would take to "cover the earth" as in the Sherwin-Williams Paint logo?

Spoilers for last night's #supergirl & building up to Reign Show more

No, autocorrect, please don't change "autopost" to "autopsy."

The building is testing the fire alarm system. I found myself wondering: What if an actual fire breaks out during the test?

This year's Mexico City quake hit the same day as an earthquake drill. At least in that case you can tell immediately that it's the real thing.

New NVIDIA card was completely unusable on my Fedora Linux system at first. Mouse+keyboard lagging terribly. Turned out that GDM wasn't switching from Wayland to X like it did with the legacy driver for the old card.

Solution: Uncomment "WaylandEnable=false" in /etc/gdm/custom.conf

More detail:

Something I like about Mastodon so far: people seem to be willing to be a bit more goofy and a bit more earnest over here. IT'S NICE.

...and there seems to be no way to turn off the extra vibrate for browser notifications (which is how I'm using Mastodon on my phone for now). I can turn sound off, but I want the sound *instead* of the vibration when volume is on, not in addition to it.

AHA! Finally figured out why my phone has been vibrating on most text messages since upgrading to , even when sound is on.

It's now a per-conversation setting, so even though I have it defaulting to sound only, I have to turn vibrate off in every single saved conversation.

Not terribly convenient, Google.

Ugh. Walked across a lawn that was about 30% dead grass & 30% mud. Worst of both worlds as far as water use goes.

If you love comics and the people who make them, giving to the Hero Initiative is seriously one of the best things you can do. Check it this article about how they helped Taki Soma and Mike Oeming:

All of the "bus metas" we've seen so far on have had some axe to grind, and except for Ralph, whom the team got to first, they've each set out to avenge that wrong using their powers. They've become villains largely because of *how* they chose to attack the problem (i.e. by attacking people).

Did the Thinker, in addition to arranging the incident, pre-select *who* he wanted to be on that bus? If so, how much was for experimentation & how much for his master plan?

I do wonder about permanence, though: How often do Mastodon instances shut down? How much notice?

Data Export seems to only cover follow/block/mute lists so far. I suppose I could hook up my atom feed to IFTTT or something.

Or I can just do what I do with "the bird site," and if I really want to make sure I keep something I've written, copy it over to my blog.

...and I just noticed the editing error in this toot. 🤦‍♂️