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Kelson Vibber

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: New tech leads to an economic boom, but politics and greed conspire to ignore warnings from a scientist about the long-term dangers of this man-made climate change until disaster strikes.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2: A tech company without ethics is run by a nerd who grew up to become the bully he despised. He ruthlessly exploits a fragile ecosystem for profit, regardless of the damage done to endangered species or what remains of the island's society.

Welcome to impostor club. We have a few rules.

The first rule of impostor club is: You do not deserve to be here.

The second rule of impostor club is: YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO BE HERE.

Explained to the 7YO that https only tells you whether the road is safe, not whether the place you're going is.

OH: "My escape key crashed!"

Reasons to not have a touchbar on your keyboard.

#vimHorrorStories #macbook

I love how Windows 10 brings the uncertainty of "when is my device going to get the latest OS? *Is* it going to get the latest OS?" from Android to the desktop.

My Windows box is no longer listed as compatible, making me wonder whether I was going to have to jump through hoops, or if it was even going to be blocked. I couldn't find much info in the subject. Finally I just forgot about it for 2 weeks, and it finally showed up.

And now that I've posted this, I realize there are still some iframe affiliate links I need to clean up.

It's a work in progress.

I guess you can consider affiliate links to be ads, but the last few *automatic* ads are gone. And the affiliate links are all things I've picked & used local copies of the images, so they won't register anywhere else unless someone actually clicks on them.

I've been slowly cutting back on things that can be used for third-party tracking on my personal websites. Share buttons have been removed or replaced. Embeds are limited to specific pages. The last few ads are gone, and affiliate links are using local images.

I'm still using Jetpack stats on my WordPress blogs, but I finally finished removing Google Analytics. It's overkill for my use case anyway.

Oddly, GA still sees a few hits on pages w/o the JS. Must be some cached copies floating around.

I was going to make fun of iOS for this, but Fedora wants to reboot for a Firefox upgrade too so... ;)

I have put in thousands of hours on my poetry generator over the past three years. Thousands. It gets rough, sometimes I feel like I should get rid of the whole thing and simply write poems on my own.

But every so often, the computer writes something for me that makes it all worthwhile. Like tonight, when it gave me this line:

#FreeCulture and #FreeSoftware advocacy often focuses on remixability and hackability. I think another aspect is important to talk about, due to its universal appeal: permanence.

The tools we develop, the websites we build, the music we share under free&open licenses -- _they will be with us_ as long as we care to maintain and share them.

Free culture, in that sense, is an incredible cooperative enterprise across all humanity. It is unlike nearly any other endeavor. It is a joyful thing! :)

The thing which bugs me with modern centralised social media is that moderation is woefully under staffed.

People are impressed "wow facebook has 20k moderators that's huge!" But they have over 2 Billion users!

That's one moderator for every 100k users.


Friend to friend: When you make a release please take a few minutes to make a human-readable changelog of what has changed since the last release?

Your commit-messages are not a changelog.

Let me re-iterate:

Your commit-messages are _not_ a changelog.

A changelog allows me to follow what you were thinking between releases.

A commit log shows me your keystrokes between releases.

I need to know what you were thinking.

Thank you.

The estimated 3 hour 50-minute backup took about 40 minutes, which was nice, but the estimated 15 minute validation took at least 30.

Is Eobard Thawne messing with the time stream again?

Just wrote that MacOS & Linux handle capitalization differently. Phone wanted me to type capitalism. Which is also true.

Last year's fad: fidget spinners
This year's: things built to last
(pass it on, maybe we can trick them)

The "pure HTML/CSS portrait" across different browsers is pretty marvelous: