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Kelson Vibber

I keep one of my old phones as a spare & for tinkering (to the extent that you can do that). I upgraded it to LineageOS & used it for a few days when my most recent phone died last month.

13 days ago I charged it, put it in airplane mode & put it in my laptop bag. Today it's still at 34% charge. On a 5 year old battery.

Obviously it didn't last that long with actual usage, and wouldn't even just sitting in the bag with wi-fi & data sync. But I'm still impressed!

Instagram has added the ability to link to hashtags & other users in your profile.

But it's not rolling out evenly. I've linked my main account to a topic specific one & back. Both accounts have shown me the announcement of the new feature, but only one of them is actually linking the name in the bio. (This is in the same install, on the same device.)

I guess it'll fill in eventually.

It'd be nice if they were willing to let you link *out* of the silo, though.

I've been trying alternate sharing buttons that don't talk to FB/Twitter/etc until you actually click on the button. Less tracking. is totally self-contained, but adds SVG to every page. I put it on an old browser reference site b/c it only has ~5 pages. uses local JS to avoid repetition & it was easier to put on WordPress, plugging in the title & URL from each post.

Both topic-based projects. I've removed share buttons from my personal blog.

Realized just why I feel so detached from current comics.

Long series can be:
- Static: You have a handle on the status quo & follow stories within it.
- Dynamic/Illusion of Change: Things change superficially, balancing familiarity with novelty.
- Dynamic/Progression: Things change, and you can get attached to the characters' journey.
- Dynamic/Churn: Things change so fast you can't get your bearings.

I was a fan of 20 years of progression. A decade of churn has left me exhausted.

So apparently the sender domain name in DKIM is case-sensitive?


Domain names themselves *aren't* case-sensitive. There is no difference between and Not for IP routing, not for email routing.

What purpose does it serve for email from to fail DKIM when sent under the exact circumstances & from the same computer as email from

Whatever a "voit" is...

Fortunately I don’t think anyone’s going to pull a “Cancel that, it says HELF” on this warning sign!

(I’ve never understood the tendency to write in all-caps except for the letter L, the one letter whose lower case looks exactly like another letter’s upper-case. But it’s surprisingly common.)

Finished writing the blog post about read receipts today.

"Read Receipts Considered Harmful"

I always forget at least one camera when switching to/from DST, and I always forget the command for exiftool to batch-adjust the image timestamps.

For future reference:

exiftool "-DateTimeOriginal+=1:00" DIR
for going into DST, and
exiftool "-DateTimeOriginal-=1:00" DIR
for going out.


Request for focus group volunteers

I'm looking at a feature that will eventually make it into #Aardwolf, and it's pretty central, so I want to get it right during the design phase.

The feature is support for multiple aspects or personas for each account. I want to have a focus group of potential users, especially people who are vulnerable to online harassment, to discuss general user experience as well as safety concerns.

Please reply or DM to be included. Boosts okay.

Reminder to self: No more pre-built desktops unless *every component* is upgradable.

I just spent 2 1/2 hours convincing an old Dell to see the new graphics card again after upgrading the processor. It's mostly working now, but everything before Windows finishes booting will only go out on the old onboard video.

My plan to use ConnectBot, VI & my tablet keyboard to stay on the couch instead of going over to the desktop was foiled by the fact that the keyboard doesn't have an ESC key.


Fortunately, Ctrl+[ (in the form of Ctrl+Fn+N) works. It's awkward, but not as awkward as using the onscreen keyboard & navigation with VI.

I love that Mozilla is asking for donations in the amounts of $3.14, $15.9, $26 or $53 on Pi Day!


So platforms like Mastodon shouldn't worry so much about engagement numbers, and should keep doubling-down on promoting the core values that set them apart. If people see Mastodon as a "lifestyle choice" and if they believe it projects certain values ("I'm doing a social media detox," "I'm trying to spend less time on my phone," etc.) then that'll be valuable to them in the same way that Diet Coke projects "I care about my health," "I'm trying to lose weight," etc.

Urgency/outrage/drama keep people coming back to Twitter in the same way that sugar and fats keep them coming back to McDonalds. Similarly, you can offer a Diet Coke or a McSalad, but people aren't going to buy those because they taste better than a Coke or a Big Mac. They're going to buy those because they understand the tradeoff of sugary/fatty foods, and because it's a lifestyle choice that projects certain values to themselves and others: temperance, restraint, health-consciousness, etc.

I find Mastodon much less outrage-prone than Twitter, which to me is a virtue. But it also means I had to make a deliberate effort to use Twitter less and use Mastodon more. (And eventually, to quit Twitter entirely.)

On Twitter, it's easy to get lost in a stream of hot takes, bickering, and drama. Whereas on Mastodon, I often scroll to the end of my timeline and say, "Huh. I'm all caught up." For my quality of life, this is great, but for "engagement," it's a disaster.

HTTPS continues to get easier: wildcard TLS certificates are now available from Let's Encrypt.

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