Controversial pop culture opinion 

Star Trek 2009, Batman v Superman and The Last Jedi all turned classic American pop culture heroes into kind of macho abusive jerks

and this is a bad thing and movie directors should stop doing this because if you put a macho abusive jerk onscreen and say he's a hero some men will think being a hero means you have to be a macho abusive jerk

if you want to 'deconstruct the male hero archetype' just show a good man who's a hero and also not a jerk

Controversial pop culture opinion 

@natecull I think The Last Jedi pushes back against this. Poe fits the description a lot better than Luke does, and his whole arc is learning that it's a problem. Finn's a counter example. And I see Luke more as someone dealing with depression and trying to push everyone away than someone who equates being a jerk with heroism. And even then part of the point is that he has to push through it.

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