Thinking about social media timelines, cloud storage for digital photos, contextual identity, global newsfeeds vs topic-based forums, and the spread of hoaxes alongside more trustworthy information...

It's ALL about information overload. And what tools you use to organize, curate and filter it. And who those tools benefit.

@kelsonv I blame the industry obsession with engagement quantity over quality. Gotta get the hits, the clicks, the ad impressions. Have to be the biggest service. Have to have exponential growth. The more cloud storage of photos moves towards "sharing" away from "syncing" the more worried I get (*cough* google photos, stay good! *cough*)

@brion I think that got started because quantity is so much easier to measure than quality. But ultimately it's like the joke about looking for your keys where the light's better instead of looking where you dropped them.

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@brion Actually I think a *lot* of problems are the result of measuring what's easy to measure instead of what's useful to measure, including economics and politics.

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