Odd thoughts:

I like Flickr better than Instagram, but I post more often on Instagram than on Flickr. Because I like Flickr more, I feel like I should take my time & curate my photos better.

But I also end up posting many at a time on Flickr, and single photos on Instagram. Because I don't feel like I'm spamming if I post 20 pics to Flickr, but I do if I post that many to Instagram.

@kelsonv it's a wildly different feel -- on Flickr I always felt I was adding to a collection versus on more recent social media I'm shoveling things at my friends/followers. Especially on a trip with net access where it's easy to pop just one more photo up... hehehhe

@brion Yeah, Flickr has enough searchability (and people looking) that it's still partly about buildng the long tail. Here's my gallery, check out what you want to see.

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, even Mastodon are so much about the moment, to the point that looking at any sort of history feels like an accident. Or stalking.

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