Last night I threw together a quick bot to post a random item from a text file in about 20 minutes.

Then I spent 3 hours going through the archive from my old LOL_Spam project at birdsite, pulling out jokes that are too dated or cringeworthy. (I'm hoping I didn't miss any. I was really tired by the end.)

This morning I modified the script to take a second file as a queue for new items.

So if you're interested in funny/odd spam subjects (and OK with swearing & lewdness), check out @LOLspam

I still see people following me on this account, so here's a reminder:

I'm moving to Wandering Shop, as my primary Mastodon profile.

I'm also continuing to post photos on Photog.Social at and book discussion on at @KelsonReads

If you're still interested in following me, please head over to whichever of those profiles you want to keep up with.


Reminder: I'm moving my main Mastodon account over to Wandering Shop,, plus book discussion at @KelsonReads and photos at

I need to generate a GIF of Gillian and George the Giant Giraffes gingerly eating ginseng gelato on a gyroscope while drinking gin.

I've decided I'm going to use my account at Wandering Shop as my primary Mastodon account for now. So if you want to keep following me, please head over to I hope to see you there!

I'm also posting book discussion at @KelsonReads and photography at

I currently have 4 Mastodon accounts:
1 for book discussion @KelsonReads
1 for photography
2 general: this one &

I've decided I should pick one of the two general accounts, and in the interest of federation, I think I'll go with the smaller instance (Wandering Shop) over Mastodon.Social.

QUESTION: If I mark this account as migrated, is that permanent? Or can I change it back (or to another account) if I change my mind later? Will I still be able to log in here?

@ada Weird, "In Pictures: Trump's UK visit and protests" is front and center from here.

After complaining about the ways people try to cram long form writing onto birdsite (giant threads & images of text remind me of the old tech support days when users pasted screen shots of errors into Word docs b/c it was the tool they knew) I realized I don't see that so much on Mastodon.

I wonder if it's the culture, just who I'm following, or if the 500-char limit gives people enough room that they don't feel they've already writing a long chain, why not keep going?

@brion Glad you had a good trip! I'll have to visit that other social media site to check out your photos.

Re: software updates, I imagine travelling across Patch Tuesday was a factor. That and Fedora being Fedora. 😁

Interesting: UK heat wave is revealing the outline of ancient Roman and older sites under crop fields as plants grow differently with the remnants of ancient walls and moats. The article doesn't make it clear why this is unique to heat waves, though.

Reclaiming RSS

“Before Twitter, before algorithmic timelines filtered our reality for us, before surveillance capitalism, there was RSS: Really Simple Syndication … As we move away from the centralised web to the peer web, it’s time to rediscover, re-embrace, and reclaim RSS.”


"... and everything's horrible and there's nothing we can do."
"Hold on," she said. She stepped off the path to pick up a discarded water bottle.
"What are you doing?" he asked.
"There's a recycling bin a bit further up."
"Oh. Anyway, we're so powerless-"
"Let's do what we can."

The Avengers Canonical Watching Order

The Man In The Robot Suit
Gamma Monster
Return of the Man In The Robot Suit
It Came From Asgard
Frozen In Time
Invasion New York
Bride of the Man In The Robot Suit
An Elf To Remember
The Tentacles of H.Y.D.R.A.
Mods In Space
The Deadly Computer
Operation: Insecticide
The Man In The Robot Suit Punches Back
Time And Magic
Rockers In Space
A Spider's Touch
Gamma Arena
The Invisible City
The War That Never Ends, Part 1
Sting of the Wasp

@h @Gargron I switched a couple of sites to &, both of which generate buttons that you host entirely on your own site & don't call out until you actually click to share with whichever service. Share42 was easier to turn into a template, so that's what I used on the blog where I'm still using share buttons.

There was a q on here recently about #plume that was basically "why do we need a federated bog site?"

The reason is that long-form writing is an investment and needs the social component to thrive. We had that with RSS/comments, but Twitter and Facebook killed those.

A federated blog platform would mean: more hosts for users to choose from. Easy feedback loop via mastodon, pleroma, etc.

I'm tired of maintaining my blog, but I would be very interested in porting the content to #plume.

This culture of telling people to 'just walk away and they'll stop' when someone is being harassed needs to cease.

I am not responsible for someone's bigotry. I am not responsible to defuse confrontations I didn't not start.

As we've seen many times today, toxic behavior is not going to go way just because you ignore it.

They're just going to harass someone else.

We need to deal with the root, not the symptom.


The Lollipop Cloud project is real. Website, source code, chat rooms.

Even better?!? It's wholly self-hosted using the Lollipop Cloud sources!


Inaugural blog post

Official website

Contact Page
(including PUBLIC Matrix/XMPP rooms)
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