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@diamaterialista @penelope @Angle πŸ˜€

that's why i posted the 3d/2d/1d approach to it

All 3 aren't able to map to each ohter cleanly if at all

You need wholly different frames of references, defintions and frames of reference to work wthin the different dimentional constructs (3d vs 2d vs 1d).

Gender is 1.5d; non-binary is 3d

You're going to get a very rough, shoddy approximiation at best.

Algebra vs Calc vs Geometry: differnt vocabularies for very radical things but the same 'subject'

Remember folks

I am really good at making people uncomfortable, finding the line and tap dancing like hell on top of it. No matter how fine.

You've been warned πŸ˜‰

Mis gendered for my identity

Misaligned for sexual preferences

Confounding the citizens of the internet

Good vibes

What the fuck is this place?


Yes, I won the 'shock site' contest in my formative days.

Please don't try to win that trolling contest.

You'll be shit listed in a hurry.

I've got very little tolerance for that crap these days.

@LensaMoon needs sleep.

Ignore them for the next ~8-9 hours

And cue my notifications going bananas in




Yeah, I won't hold a grudge if you bomb my desktop notifications with a fav/boost hard limit attempt.

All I see is a shitload of love.


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even after a year of sitting on this concept art for a tattoo. i still want it. im also thinking of doing another concept tat for something smaller. i just gotta sketch it out. maybe a little dragon hatching from an egg or like a stylized silhouette of a dragon flying. something small i can easilly have on my collar bone maybe.

#art #tattooconcepts #dragon #dragons #tattoos

To the individual bombing my desktop with favorite notifications on the same Toot

I get it, and I appreciate it.

Stop smushing the button, message received


At least they liked the idea.

That's more than I can say for $bigCompany

Here's to an improved lather in due time

Zombie is one of those songs that resonates no matter what.

Doubly now that I know I'll never see it live


And with a hap tip to the recently passed Dolores O'Riordan a final track for the night

This is an appropriate cover for someone who did great things with their voice.




Can I poke @PinkCathodeCat for another musical inclination and track?

/me misses new music discovery and that last bit of random music was good stuffs

If you're comfortable and content you haven't thought outside the box or pushed the envelope far enough.

Embrace the uncomfortable and unfamiliar