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Well these jumper wires are an epic fail. They don't attach snugly to the 20 pin LPC header. time to poke at my options and order a new blend of wires/connectors.

At least the TPM arrived and matches the datasheet. I'm going to be glad when this is confirmed working/failed.

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I have an incredible ability to arrive in the lives of amazing women right at the exact moment when they are most convinced that no man alive can be trusted.

It's like a superpower, only the kind that doesn't ever turn into a movie deal

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There are two food moods Show more

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I blame these two shots on @viciousviscosity . All the talk about point and shoots and random shots definitely made this happen. I hope they got to experience something equally awesome tonight as well. 😁

#Rainbow #DoubleRainbow #Photography #Photographie #Photo

Not the best focus / ability to draw both rainbows out but a decent effort for me.

Game of thrones Show more

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@viciousviscosity i have seen pushing the envelope in real life, and it was done by my cat

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i'm serious though, hit me up with those patreons, i'll boost em

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If you have a patreon you'd like boosted too hmu with a link!

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Hi friends! We're nearing the end of the month again so it's time for patreon and other ways to support our staff!

Our patreon is here:

Our server costs are minimal so all the money goes to our staff members who need it each month. (I have a full time job so I do not need it.)

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Your periodic reminder that Mastodon's private messages aren't. Use something like Signal if privacy is important.

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If you are an instance owner, or contributor to Mastodon in some other way, there is a Liberapay community you can join as well:

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Proposing a new #LibreMonday recurring #hashtag. Who's in?

The idea: #showcase free/libre and open source source (#FLOSS) projects that you like, giving a screenshot and basic information + links.

This should help many of us #Mastodon users discover hidden gems of the #FreeSoftware ecosystem.

Please boost 🍍 and give it a go!

@viciousviscosity If someone ever does that to you in real life, don't take the envelope.

'Nothing good this way comes'

@viciousviscosity Maybe. The internet at this location flaps like crazy and I have a weird feeling it's probably not getting fixed.

I just wish I could convince the ISP to let me bring my own modem. But noooooooo I have static IPs so that's a non-option currently 😢

Well I know what my evening holds at a minimum

CrashPlan Enterprise 6.0 was released today 😁

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Not even Mastodon can be immune to poor moderator action/inaction. Just like any other online social system.

If all goes well tomorrow the LPC TPM arrives and I get to fiddle with jumper wires :grin:

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Me reading most online unsolicited criticism / commentary :

"oh, you must be new here"