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MIT, the FUCKING MIT is running a mastodon instance!


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It's a technical school with a lot of resources and CMC researchers, so it's not *that* surprising. ;)

@kemonine Schools had Usenet servers back in the day. Only a matter of time before academic institution Mastodon instances become a given.

@beadsland My big surprise is they went Masto over GNU Social.

I'm starting to see Masto pop up in place I would expect the GNU stuff to be a bit more common...

@kemonine Not that big a surprise. MIT isn't only a school of or for technologists. They undoubtedly made a decision about what would be most readily accessed and adopted by the widest swath of students, faculty and staff.

That said, I strongly suspect there have been GNU Social nodes running on MITs networks for some time now, and, if so, that they aren't likely going away any time soon.

@beadsland @kemonine There have been a few GNU social nodes, but many of those were run either experimentally or by students in their free time. The interface isn't terribly inviting for students accustomed to the other platforms so I think you're right about why they would go with Mastodon

@cypnk @beadsland Mastodon also has some VERY accessible documentation.

Far better than Disaspora* or GNU Social.

It's the main reason why I was able to join the network and/or create my own node 😉

@kemonine @beadsland Definitely. Administration is much smoother and the general user experience is more refined. There are fewer hiccups in general and any issues are resolved very quickly

@kemonine Is this the first corporate-owned Mastodon instance? I'm not sure I know of any others.

@quantified Ah, I didn't know that (don't know much about pawoo in general).

This is a disturbing trend. v_v

@GlitchyDragon lot of them ended up blocked by some instances, I'm not that concerned about academic instances as much as corporate ones (even if mit is _mit_)

@quantified @GlitchyDragon true i doubt their masto instance has *too much* to do with the military research

could be wrong though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@amphetamine The academics with accounts on that instance deserve the harassment they'll get for their cooperation with the military 😉

@GlitchyDragon @quantified There are a few out of Japan that are run by corporations.

The problem is loli is legal in Japan but just about nowhere else so admins have a habit of proactively blocking to avoid troubles with loli.

@kemonine as silly as it is, things like this make convincing people in my neck of the woods a lot easier... MIT's reputation is pretty powerful

@kemonine MIT (for the most part) still preserves the true hacker spirit. They maintain a keyserver for GPG keys, for example.

weeeeeell.... someone /at/ mit is running one, anyway...

( also, this instance is, like, about 30% me and climbing.....)



I kinda figured others had heard about this already. ^_^ But it's nice to see my own first (unspoken) thought about it wasn't only my own!


I don't suppose it's possible to "Follow" a whole instance without making oneself a whole other account in that instance. Ah well.

@EuphoriaLavender You can use unmug or a mobile app for browsing public toots of an instance.

IIRC you can create a 'pseudo' account via mobile apps / API and watch an instances public timeline.

Not perfect but can be done.


Thank you so much for this advice! That's one of the greatest things about Mastodon users: a kind willingness to share knowledge and to help one another.

they won't do ever enough for Aaron to be forgotten nor them forgiven.
yet, ok.