Well it's time to leave behind.

KoFi, LiberaPay and others have surfaced as proper alternatives.

will be the new drum I bang.

Please spread the word. I need friends to tip πŸ˜‰

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@kemonine does this mean i support someone for a dollar, even if they have other supporters, it's useless?

@kemonine The thing is, I’m already getting my Patreon in through Paypal. So it’s just cutting out a middleman. And adding a little work.

@aldersprig Fair enough; Plus you could always manage the subscription stuff via a blog/similar with access tokens

@aldersprig Could you do sometrhing around a wordpress site?

I'm not familiar with it but it seems like that would be a natural go-to for creators self-hosting an access system for paypal subscriptions...

@aldersprig The achilles heel would be exposure though

Patreon is a *huge* platform and one stop shop for rewards.

I wonder if having your own wordpress endpoint would curtail your ability to sell access in a big way πŸ€”

@kemonine The thing is, I haven’t gotten ANYONE that I know of just off of PAtreon. My Patrons either came from my existing fanbase or from here.

@aldersprig That's good to know actually.

If you're mainly picking up users from your existing publishing channels... seems like a better call to self-host the teirs/endpoints if you can.

Has it's own risks but i can see the merit

@kemonine Tipeee seems like a good alternative as well

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