Mastodon is NOT a panacea!

Toxic behavior DOES exit within the Federverse.


Because each instance is it's own 'dumpster'... fires tend to be contained and are vastly more manageable.

We also have a LOT OF GOOD ADMINS who work to ensure any dumpster fires are contained.

If you find your instance is a bit of a dumpster fire head over to and nose around. The are a *LOT* of well moderated instances across a range of topics.


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@kemonine This is still kind of troublesome until such time as it becomes -really- easy to move from one dumpster to another once a fire starts, without all of your content/connections going up in flames.

@smakian In the 'Edit Profile' area there is a way to mark an account 'In Memorandum' to clue others into the fact you've moved.

And you can now export/import your data's from another spot in the 'Edit Profile' zone.

I don't think the import will import your old toots but you'll at least have a full copy of things...

@smakian It's not perfect but it's a bit better than a few months ago when we didn't have complete export functions


@kemonine I've been thinking about this a lot, not just in terms of people abusing the network, but in terms of how much I use it, who I follow, what topics are discussed... It's still possible for a bunch of people to act in good faith without being toxic, but end up putting you in a worse mood. You have to curate your experience. And I think segmenting across instances helps with that, but I'm still figuring out that balance.

@kelsonv I ultimately went with a series of alt accounts. I broke out my 'tech', 'photography' and 'art' stuff into separate 'chunks' via separate accounts.

My words here skew technical, my stuff on is pure photography and my account on .art is mostly analog writing stuffs.

There is a little cross over (not too much thankfully) and it does a great job of helping focus my attention.

The only down side is many tabs and careful curation which adds to effort.

@kemonine I've been meaning to do something similar, but aside from the photography, i'm still not sure how I want to divide it up. Probably one for the technical side of things, maybe one for pop culture/fandom, and another for the rest. But I need to decide first. Then I need to figure out where's best suited for each...

@kelsonv is a fun place πŸ˜‰

Admittedly it's a major PITA to setup and operate but I've found it handy for my scattered defaults.

@kemonine You means it's run and inhabited by a full range of humans? SAY IT AIN't SO! 😡

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