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@MOliciousHat@twitter.com @ZJemptv@twitter.com find out their deadname and list it first.

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NCBC's template policy for how Catholic hospitals should treat trans patients. NCBC regularly audits Catholic hospitals for "ethics" compliance. Here they recommend referring us for conversion therapy and misgendering us as a matter of policy. 1 in 6 US hospital beds are Catholic twitter.com/ZJemptv/status/155

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@RohanTheMajesty@twitter.com reminds me of my parents being absolutely astonished when I informed them that the national minimum wage is still $7.25

they were aware it was lower than california’s ($15) but apparently they thought it was closer and had been raised recently 🙄

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The boomer generation robbed their kids and grandkids, but it wasnt the entire generation. Now the others have to watch their kids and grandkids suffer because their peers pulled up the ladder. Talk about a twist of the knife.

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I'm just watching a woman who came to adulthood in a time of plenty, who worked her way up from nothing, realizing that all that effort has gone to naught, and the upward mobility that took her from a single income household supporting 5 kids to this is gone now.

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"Well I'd go to the homeless advocacy service. We donate to it..."
"It's overwhelmed."
"It's overwhelmed. The entire system in this country is. I got taken off the housing list because it's so overwhelmed."
"They can't even help with a job?"
"Probably not anytime soon."

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"That's good enough."
"Most rental places want your rent to be a third of your income."
"Maybe get a roommate?"
"1k is the price for a studio or 1 bedroom."
"Oh, that's true."

Slowly unraveling the threads...

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Had to explain to my mother that the guy panhandling outside the hiring grocery store probably doesn't have a home address or a vehicle and that's why he can't get a job there, and she was STUNNED to know those things are requirements.

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Students do not “shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate.” Tinker v. Des Moines (1969). twitter.com/ACLUIndiana/status

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"Do I have First Amendment rights in school?"

"Can my school tell me what I can and cannot wear?"

"What do I do if I’m confronted by police at my school?"

We've got these questions, and more, answered. ⬇️

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My daughter’s school released a new cell phone policy that includes, “School officials can read any text messages between students, even if the texts occurred outside of school hours.”

Nopity nope nope.

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@Yash25571056@twitter.com Thanks for lifting the bare bones restrictions you had left so we can all get infected and reinfected and suffer these long term consequences @CDCgov@twitter.com. That’s going to be great for society and the healthcare system 👌🏼

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- Difficulty communicating verbally (29%)
- Dizziness, vertigo, unsteadiness, or balance issues (67%)
- Paresthesias (49%)
- Vibrating sensations (43%)
- Tremors (40%)
- Insomnia (69%)
- Waking up several times during the night (48%)
- Headaches (77%)
- Anxiety (58%)

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Most common symptoms of the post-COVID-19 neurologic syndrome reported from 3,762 participants were as follows:
- Brain fog (85%)
- Difficulty thinking (65%)
- Short-term memory loss (65%)
- Long-term memory loss (36%)
- Difficulty with word finding (46%)

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I know I should be happy about the CDC throwing in the towel, but there is a certain ennui to finally defeating my greatest frenemy.

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NBC has obtained the Mar-a-Lago search warrant. It shows Donald Trump is under investigation for potential obstruction of justice and violations of the Espionage Act

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