Usually, when I first read a job ad, I'm not interested. Then I see they offer free coffee and fruit on Mondays, and I'm immediately sold.

The Manager Voltron is still one of my favourite tools. I recommend every manager to try it out:

Uh-oh 🤯

"I received a request to fill out a 360 review for my sister. My sister and I are not coworkers; we do not work for the same company (we aren’t even in the same industry!)"

This tweet was brought to you by Irony™️: "It doesn't work on the web!"

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Forget all about UX. All that is important today is VCX: Venture Capitalist Experience.

He is scheduled to be born in the middle of a quarter 😱 how do I best set up his OKRs??

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Since I’m becoming a father very soon: how often do you have 1:1s with your baby? And who takes notes?

“What You’re Getting Wrong About Burnout”: Leaders can create a healthier work environment for employees by addressing the root causes of stress, but often leaders address the wrong things.

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“Should I Disclose My Depression to My Boss?”: Does it ever make sense to let an employer know that you suffer from depression? Or any other mental illness for that matter? The answer is most likely no, and that highlights what a sad world we live in.

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“Strategy Should be Painful”: Often when setting a strategy, things can get fuzzy after a while. We start saying yes to things that don't directly pay into our strategy, and before we know it, we are not making the right progress.

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📚Here’s the best things I’ve read on engineering leadership this week


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The three takeaways:

1. Remote employees want to know that they won't be excluded from decision-making

2. Ask the important questions to make sure remote isn't going to be a constant uphill battle

3. A healthy hybrid team can create moments of delight and momentum

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Some really great insights on hybrid teams by and

I've moved my public notes on engineering leadership to, and the transition was so smooth. Still publicly available:

Follett died of cancer in 1933, but her theories are the groundwork of many influential leaders today.

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To sum it up with her own words: "Leadership is not defined by the exercise of power but by the capacity to increase the sense of power among those led, the most essential work of the leader is to create more leaders."

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Follett believed that we shouldn't go into meetings ready to force our ideas on people. Instead, we should go in expecting to need others, to be needed, and to be changed.

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