"Plenty of startups focus on hiring standout IC designers but don’t put as much thought into the progression to design manager and director."


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When I worked in startups and scale-ups I often saw a lot of talented designers. But I never saw any of them growing into manager or director roles.

It seems weird to not put in an effort to grow these people as it would help solve so many issues like siloed design thinking.

"Or they set up “Agile” transformations because they've read about it in Harvard Business Review. You know how it goes. The same disingenuous bullshit, repackaged..."

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"They experiment with self-management because their competitors are experimenting with it too. They “implement” Holacracy simply because it's something many hip start-ups have done, and they want to be hip too"

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Have you ever been in an organisation that wanted to adopt a way of working because it was hyped?

It turns out those organisations often fail.

To succeed, you need to focus on trusting your people instead.

I then add a bit on the situation that caused the decision to be made, what the problem was and what variables were included.

Commit to this for half a year and I'm sure you'll see some interesting changes.

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I add the date and what the decision is. I then add my mental and physical state when I made the decision. This is really important as time will pass by you will start changing the narrative about how you felt when making the decision.

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Eliminate your hindsight bias with a decision log.

Keep a log of all your decisions of consequence, and review them at a half year cadence. Mine looks like this:

One of my favourite exercises as a manager is to write a manager README. Outline how it is to work with you, how you like to manage, what you value most etc.

Then share it with your colleagues.

Fall on walk from bed to desk is workplace accident, German court rules refind.com/s/a46b3d639e via @jeffjarvis@twitter.com @mims@twitter.com

I still can't stop thinking about when I worked at a company that hired McKinsey to consult us on how to work with "The Spotify Model" and then it turns out Spotify doesn't even use it.

I do wonder how well this law holds up now that "other sites" are inaccessible and horrible garbage.

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Jakob's Law: “Users spend most of their time on other sites. This means that users prefer your site to work the same way as all the other sites they already know"

Don't reinvent everything.

People who are now working from home: How are you dealing with work/life balance? Or have you given up on that already?

Usually, when shit starts to hit the fan blaming old technology is an easy scapegoat even though it's not the real problem.

My favourite thing to do at the end of the year is to defrag my calendar. Colour code events based on type of energy used, and move them around to optimise my energy.

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