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So, one thing transphobes like to do is post photos of trans women who *gasp* want to compete in school sports and go “But it’s not faiiiiiiir”

So let me tell you about this picture.

This is CeCe Telfer. She goes to Franklin Pierce University, and she runs track. twitter.com/newportrisites/sta

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I put a pair of condoms on your depressing comments

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The fight for is personal for me. Back when I was a mom with two little kids, finding high-quality, affordable child care was make-it-or-break-it. My plan for is a win for working families and our kids.

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Ask not, "how do I hire more women?"

Instead ask, "How do I build a better environment for not only women, but people from all marginalized groups to thrive in?"

Invest in building a great workplace, and talented people of all backgrounds will be banging down your door 💥🚪

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why can’t pro-forced birth men just stick their dicks in a blender and hit “pulse” twitter.com/reidconnord/status

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🚨🚨BREAKING: A federal judge just struck down Mississippi’s 6 week abortion ban!!

Once again the rule of law has prevailed over political ploys to control personal health decisions. We’ll fight tooth and nail to make sure all of these bans meet the same fate.

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Oh, sweet summer child. 😂

I tried to negotiate my salary & title for months for my current role. I spoke with the recruiter & hiring manager. I wrote detailed emails about how my experience aligned with the more senior role, along with my salary expectations. They didn't budge. twitter.com/Ty881/status/11320

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I’m gonna tell you a secret...

All those things you recommend to people with mental health issues? Those are good things. They help, if you can do them.

The issue isn’t lack of ideas. Its not even depression that’s stopping us from starting yoga. It’s executive function.

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I grew up hearing and learning racist, sexist, and homophobic things.

In my early adolescence I thought for myself and unlearned it too.

It is 2019, there is no fucking excuse to be racist, sexist, or homophobic.

You were raised that way? Unlearn it. It's not rocket science.

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Looking for the cereal aisle in a grocery store you’ve never been to.

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I want to explain what we're talking about when we say that transgender people need anti-discrimination protections in health care.

Because I think some of you really don't understand what this means, or might perceive our reaction as dramatic. But it's not.


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This is NOT what America is about. America is about *opens history book*

uh oh

*Frantically starts flipping though pages*

uh oh. oh no. no no no. uh oh

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✨ Periodic reminder that if you're tired of digging through the docs to find the right array or object method, I made a couple of tools to help out!

Arrays: sdras.github.io/array-explorer
Objects: sdras.github.io/object-explore

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I failed a Google phone screen once a long long time ago. The question was some dumb thing that I would never know without studying. The worst was the recruiter who emailed me to suggest that I work elsewhere for a while to get good enough to be a googler someday twitter.com/dz/status/11319886

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"Oh, but this is just about transition-specific surgeries!"

No, it's not. Here's the kind of stuff that happens to trans people. Seriously, read this story. huffpost.com/entry/transgender

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To quote @ChrisWarcraft@twitter.com

This is what fascism looks like. twitter.com/cnn/status/1132058

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