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Thank you @indirect@twitter.com for putting humanity on the path towards universal food theory. Today, we humbly suggest the next step: twitter.com/phildini/status/10

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It always amazes me when white people think they can tell what's racist or not.
Y'all didn't think slavery was racist.
You didn't think separate water fountains were racist.
You don't think our current education system is racist.
Your track record on this is pretty abysmal.... twitter.com/thedailybeast/stat

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This is exploitative in the worst way.

Razer literally wants you to lease them your computer to mine cryptocurrency at pennies on the dollar.

Power consumption is the single largest expense associated with coin mining. Who pays for that? You do. 1/3 twitter.com/Razer/status/10728

Anyone know of a game similar to the Battle Room in Ender's Game? Tactical squad-based combat in zero gee?

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how old were u when u learned shoegaze rhymed with fugazi

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You know what's funner than being racist online ironically? Telling nazis to eat your ass. Think about it

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Dear @Twitter@twitter.com I am A blind Twitter user and enjoy accessible images. However most people don't know about it. if you had image captioning turned on as a default setting people would know about it and a lot more people would use it Please rt and hope Twitter takes notice

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Hey companies! Want to prevent job ghosting?
* Commit to people
* Spend money on their development
* Compensate them reliably & well
* When you fire them, give them 6 months salary & a year of health care with no paperwork

How can I tell Amazon that I never want to see Funko Pop stuff?

CW: infant death.

We need to insist on tech being compassionate.
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An open letter to @Facebook, @twitter, @instagram and @Experian regarding algorithms and my son's birth:

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Nestle pays $200/year to get 400 gallons/minute out of our groundwells. what if instead that water went directly to people without getting bottled and sold first? what if flint had clean, public water access?

(also what if I didn't have to see this disgusting ad??!)

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I don't need zero-config, let me config everything.

I'm absolutely in favor of zero-magic, let me see what needs to go in & what's happening in the system.

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Don't ask women to be louder. Ask men to be quieter.

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When I was about 20, an ex boyfriend bought me a pair of panties that said “Wild Thing” on the crotch. I didn’t wear them until about 2 years later. I was working in a dentist’s office at the time. I had a patient reclined inches from my crotch when - suddenly! - it began.

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39. try not to sing along, i dare you

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12. the dad your dad could be like

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Presenter pro tips:
- I know you love dark themes. Use a light theme. Nobody can read your dark text on dark background.
- Make the font bigger. “But I already made it big!” Yep, bigger. Keep going. A little more.

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