on täällä! Hyvää työväenjuhlaa!

Happy and International Workers' Day!

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I am trying out some changes to the Explore tab here on mastodon.social. Only one post per author will now be displayed, allowing more different authors to be seen. I've also tweaked how quickly those posts fall off.

I'm starting an original . I'm publishing it as I go, so some editing is likely to happen post-publication. It's called *I Am What I Kill* and features a protagonist in a world with . is an integral part of the setting, as we all know that and are superpowers.

CW: death, murder, villain perspective


Are group chats coming at some points? Chats with relatively simple invite links/codes would boost Jami's visibility greatly.

RT @gretathunberg
Incredible pictures as Australia’s gathering for the #climatestrike
This is the huge crowd building up in Sydney.
Australia is setting the standard!
Its bedtime in New York...so please share as many pictures as you can as the strikes move across Asia to Europe and Africa!

I'm honestly baffled by some authors. They're apparently using to get paid for writing . I thought that was a big no-no?

A few weeks ago, Fabrice Bellard released a Javascript engine that's a "[f]ast interpreter with very low startup time", includes a bytecode compiler and can create executables.

Why wasn't this international news?


#Scrivener auto-corrects "Chewie" to "Cherie," and idk if that's the most inappropriate or most accurate thing ever. #StarWars #writing #fanfic

Ah, a Twitter alternative instead of FB alternative. It's fine.

Kim Sudenlehto's choices:


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