Une conférence de l'AFIS sur les croyances par Laurent Cordonier
L'irrationalité dans la société

If someone had told me that one day would be trendy... Electro Balenciaga Music 😂
Balenciaga: Der Producer für Demnas Fashion-Shows BFRND | Arte TRACKS

And yet another math map (still in French)!

I might begin to collect them now 😄.

This one is taken from an article on category theory here: pourlascience.fr/sd/mathematiq

#math #maths #mathematics

The coming decades will not only be hotter, but sicker. Ecologists predict that global warming increases encounters between species capable of swapping #pathogen. The number of such encounters will double by 2070, creating #virus transmission hotspots. #science #biology #ecology #health #globalwarming #climatecrisis #climatechange.
📄 Gilbert (2022) Climate change will force new animal encounters — and boost viral outbreaks. Nature dx.doi.org/10.1038/d41586-022-

I'm so sad. Klaus Schulze died this week. He's one of my favorite compositors. My two favorite albums are Cyborg and Kontinuum youtube.com/watch?v=UkXeOMSwdZ

Revisiting the Music of the Pioneering German Composer Klaus Schulze (RIP), the "Godfather of Techno," Ambient, German Experimental Psych Rock & More

openculture.com/2022/04/revisi via @OpenCulture t.co/MkgHwAVI2Z

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