The is on! Mark the weekend of 9-11 July in your calendar if you want to chip in and contribute (with code or otherwise) to the most popular open source podcast app for Android!

Initial ideas for our activities are being discussed on the forum:

I'm not a dev or able to spend much time, but do have a few thoughts about things I'd like to see in Antennapod -- what's the best place to submit ideas for consideration, Github or the forum? Obviously, after checking if someone else has brought them up before...

I'd say the best way is the forum. There it's easier to have a discussion (quoting people, doing quick polls, etc). Then GitHub can be used to create an issue when there is agreement on the what and how (UI and technical implementation).
Hit me up if you have any other questions!

Thanks for the explanation, and I love that procedure, as well as the tone of the forum discussions.

As opposed to other comunities I've seen where it's more "convince me the software is rubbish while I tell you how wrong you are, and if you insist, just learn C++ and implement it yourself" ...

Congratulations on this!

I've added some thoughts on the lock screen widget, will have a look through the other topics, then see if I find other useful things to say.

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